Oh Hai! Long time no blogs. I’ve been on a kind of hiatus lately, a sabbatical if you will. I feel like after a hugely transformative year with major surgeries, mental break throughs, cross country moves and getting taken advantage during that process that by the time winter arrived I quite literally began to hibernate. I’ve spent my time bulking up my sweater collection and testing out which of my fuzzy slipper socks are my fave while slowly making this new place a home { it’s been slow going refurnishing a home from scratch }. But I came across this tweed set on Amazon and I felt the first tingles of inspiration for creating looks outside of my comfort core wear and I knew I had to nab it. So I spend an afternoon doing a plus size mix n’ match creating different combinations utilizing the two pieces.

I know shopping for plus size clothes online is hard, even harder to find plus size clothes on Amazon. It’s so hard to tell what’s actually gonna fit or not, so building my Amazon Faves Page has become quite the passion hobby for me. I love being able to test brands and garments so I can report back and you can trust if it will work in your life. When you check out my page you will see a little quote box in the upper right corner of certain items, those are items I have tried personally and have notes on, so make sure you click that box if you’re wanting to learn more. It’s especially important on ~sneaky plus~ items { items that aren’t actually plus size but actually fit plus! }.

Plus Size Mix n’ Match | tweed set from Amazon 

Margot Meanie Styles Plus Size Amazon Items

This tweed set is ADORABLE, but there is zero stretch. I do find the top to be a bit boxy and it sits funny after moving around, so I wish I had ordered up a size. I also have the skirt hemmed up a bit, and full disclosure, the zip was sewn so tight I couldn’t unzip it, but I’m able to pull it on over my head. I ordered this in a 3X and it goes up to a 4X, you may want to size up as well, but it does technically fit.

All items featured will be linked with size directly below the picture and in some cases a similar item will be linked instead as I wanted to create a look utilizing existing pieces in my wardrobe. If you click a link and it directs you to your local Amazon site and the price is mega jacked, just click through to my Amazon Page here and it will show you the item I bought off the US site. I find with currency exchange and import costs it’s 9 times outta 10 still way cheaper to order through the US site than the local one { I’m looking at you Amazon .ca }

OK enough of all that, here’s my Plus Size Mix n Match lewks!

Plus Size Mix n Match | Margot Meanie

top from set {3X} | similar skirt {3X} | boots | We Love Colors opaque tights

Plus Size Clothes Amazon | margotmeanie.com

Moth Beret | Re Style Nevermore Tee {XXL} | Skirt from set {3X} | Boots

Plus Size Fashion | margotmeanie.com

~Sneaky Plus~ Sweater {XL} | Skirt from Set {3X} | We Love Colours Opaque Tights | Boots

Plus Size Clothes Amazon | margotmeanie.com

Calvin Klein Blazer {Similar Style} } Top From Set {3X} | Good American Skinny Jeans {22} | Brogues {similar}

Plus Size Fashion | margotmeanie.com

Denim Moto Jacket {3X} | Top from set {3X} | Lined Faux Leather Jeggings {4X} | Belt {size down!}

 Plus Size Fashion | margotmeanie.com

Blouse {similar/same brand} | Skirt from Set {3X} | We Love Colors Opaque Tights | Loafers { similar}

Alternative Plus Size Fashion | margotmeanie.com

Dolls Kill Mesh Shirt {3X similar} | Skirt from Set {3X} | We Love Colours Glitter Fishnets | Sock Dreams { use ‘margotmeanie’ to save 20% off select styles } | Belt {also variant style, be sure to size down!}

Plus Size Fashion | margotmeanie.com   Full Set Together {3X} | Belt | Em & Sprout Beret | We Love Colors Glitter Fishnets | Sock Dreams Extrodinary Longer Socks

I hope this serves as some inspiration for you to shop your closet and mix n match new outfits or to add a couple new pieces to infuse some life into your wardrobe!

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You can get 20% off your Sock Dreams order if you try any of these styles in any colour way by using code ‘margotmeanie’:

I’ve tried these all on and they fit great, the Americana Gothic and the Extraordinary striped socks both fit way up on my thighs!! The ones I’m wearing in this post we from an order last year and the new ones arrived after I took all these pics. I also recommend getting It Stays Adhesive if you plan to wear them on bare legs, its gentle, and water soluble, so it won’t wreck your socks or your skin! I always have it linked on the bottom of my Amazon page.
Which outfit was your favourite?!

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