This post is sponsored by my friends at Olay. All Opinions are my own.

When I asked you guys a while ago to let me know what you guys wanted to see from me to my surprise many wanted to know about my skincare routine.

I really wanted to share a product that some may not have considered as important in skincare. One of my favorite products to incorporate during my routine is my serum! If you don’t use a serum you’re missing out on some serious transformative power, girl!

The new Olay Tone Perfection Serum is packed with vitamin C and Vitamin B3 to refresh your complexion. One drop of this stuff has the power to transform 1 million skin cells. After 1 day of using this serum your skin can appear brighter and that’s one of the reasons I love serums!

I know your next question is where does serum fit in for your routine?

I typically start by double cleansing. Double cleansing is just a fancy way of saying start by removing your makeup with either wipes or oil follow up with your favorite face cleanser.  

Next, I apply a toner. A toner will help to remove environmental toxins and help your skin to look refreshed.

Now my favorite part is applying a serum. I have more serums than I have of anything else. The Olay B3 Tone Perfection Serum is a little different from the other serums I have used. It is not greasy at all. It contains all of the good things vitamin C, Vitamin B3. It does not have any parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, or synthetic dyes. So that is pretty awesome. You’ll apply a couple drops of serum on your face and smooth all over skin.

The last step in your routine is going to be moisturize. The serum does moisturize your skin but the moisturizer locks in an extra layer of moisture.

I am excited to take part in the Olay Skin Promise to not retouch my images as part of this campaign. Olay has committed to not photoshopping, filtering any of their advertising materials.  If you feel confident enough to add a serum in your routine, click here to shop.


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