I’m about to get real raw today, because I’m about to open up about something I’ve never talked about before. Sweat. Lots and lots of sweaty sweat that has been a thorn in my side since as far back as I can remember. Nervous sweat, excessive sweat, you name it. I’ve got it.

Excessive sweating effects a lot of us, but we seldom talk about it so openly. I sure as heck I know I could use more open dialogue about the subject. So, when I was contacted by Dermadry to review their sweat control product, I knew I had to explore further.

I want to start by mentioning that this is a sponsored post, however, all of the opinions are entirely my own. I have quite a few friends that experience excessive sweating, even family members who experience the same thing. So, investigating further was something I felt very compelled to do.

Let’s talk about sweat, first and foremost. Excessive sweating, also know as hyperhidrosis, is a taboo subject even if almost 20% of the population suffers from this condition. It’s important to have an open discussion about this issue. If so many of us are dealing with the shame and embarrassment that can come from excessive sweating, why aren’t we talking about it more? I’m an armpit sweater (that is so weird for me to say out loud) and it has been the bane of my existence for years. I’ve tried everything from patting, medical deodorant, organic deodorant and more. Nothing, albeit longterm, has really given me the results I’m looking for. I’ve lost a shirt or two (ok probably a lot more) to sweat stains, and I’m ready to take on the issue directly.

So, here’s where Dermadry comes in. Although this isn’t a cure, moreso a treatment, my interest was piqued. Dermadry treats excessive hand, foot and underarm sweat. The device is an at home treatment that looks like it could be found in your doctor’s office, but easy enough to use at home. Dermadry uses electrodes to stimulate dryness in either your hands, feet or underarms. For a quick tutorial on how to treat underarm sweat, check out this video below.


Since the process is a little personal for me, I decided not to document myself using the machine and only relay my experiences back to you. The device was relatively simple to set up, which I appreciate since I’m notorious for fudging everything up. I placed the pads under my arms for 15 minutes, and voila, I was done. You can treat more than once, but I’ve only used the machine once. I already noticed I’m a little less sweaty under my arms, and I can’t wait to see how I feel after a few more uses! Ps, I have an exclusive code to save you 10% off of your order. Use code “TONSABLUSH” at check out to save you some $$$.

It’s also important for me to mention that this treatment isn’t for everyone, and there are some side effects. You can find them plain and simple on Dermadry’s website here.

Now I want to end by saying that excessive sweating is something experienced so commonly by so many of us. As  hard as it can be to visibly sweat, especially as a fat person, I want to say that I’m with you. Sweating can be embarrassing, as well as a bunch of other things, but its more common than you think. Just know there’s a lot of us out there who experience excessive sweating, but its nice to know that I’m not alone!