Normally when it’s time to start creating fall content it’s still 100 degrees outside. This year couldn’t be further from this and I’m loving it. It’s currently 52 degrees and I am in disbelief.  A real fall in Arkansas!  Cool fall weather calls for layers and all the cozy things.

That’s why I was excited to receive my recent Stitch Fix Winter Fix box! It totally had a lot of great things that are perfect for this weather. It was different than a couple of the other Stitch Fix boxes I previously recieved. It had some athleisure, some sweaters, and even a cute pair of tennis shoes. Every season I like to refresh my wardrobe with a couple items that are seasonal appropriate and on trend. I don’t have a lot of time to go shopping so it’s so nice to have items sent to my door that are curated specifically for me.

I recieved these “black warp” Weft jeans and this cozy patterned cardigan. They work great together and also fit and feel great as well. I paired with a OTK boots and a cute hat for a weekend look. Easiest look of the season and I didn’t even pick it out (lol)!!

If you’re not familiar with Stitch Fix I’ll give you the run down.

-Based on your style profile, your personal stylisyt will curate a box that fits your size, budget, and style.

Stitch Fix carries sizes 0-24W and over 150 brands.

-You pay a $20  styling fee which applies towards anything you decide to keep in your box. If you keep your whole box you receive 25% off. Super easy and convenient.

-Return anything you don’t want for free.

-Not a subscription- you can receive a box whenever you want!

If you would like to sign up…which I highly suggest simply sign up here 

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