I love trying out new haircare products! I’ve been hearing great things about charcoal…because it’s in everything now! I’ve had a charcoal mask for my hair but haven’t tried any shampoos and conditioner until now and I’m amazed.  I’m going to break down the 3 main reasons you need to pick this up next time you’re at the store.

  1. Build-up be Gone

Honestly, I only wash my hair once a week…sometimes every 2 weeks depending on what my hair feels like. Getting rid of build up is always the goal.  I’ve tried a couple tricks and extra steps to get my hair squeaky clean before.  Because charcoal has a magnetic component that attracts impurities and build-up, I don’t have to add any extra steps when using the Pantene Charcoal Collection Shampoo and Conditioner. My hair ends up clean (without stripping it) and still soft. That is because the charcoal system includes a blend of pro-vitamin b5, activated charcoal, and antioxidants.

  1. Free of Dyes, Parabens, and Silicone

For optimal hair health you want to make sure your shampoo and conditioner doesn’t have any of those words. Because it’s a clean shampoo and conditioner, it may not lather as much as you’re used to but it’s still working!

  1. Color Safe

As someone who books color appointments 6 months out, by no means am I trying to undo what my colorist has done. Some shampoos can strip your hair of color/dye and your hair can end up looking dull after time…. but not the Pantene Charcoal Collection Shampoo and Conditioner! Who wants to wash dollars down the drain? Not me!





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