Y’all, I did a thing with my hair, and by, *I* did a thing, I enlisted my friend to help me out of the mess I created with my hair. I got home from my epic hair fix to see I received a package from my good ghoulfriend, Tracy of Witching Hour Baby. The Witching Hour Baby is a kids line { her tag line is precious “for black sheep parents and their little lambs”, I die! The cuteness! } but she recently launched some Mommy and Me outfits and even though I don’t have a little, I still wanna dress like one! But the thing I just absolutely HAD to get my grubby paws on was the Strange and Unusual embroidered hat!

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I, myself, am strange and unusual

Strange and Unusual | modern plus size fashion Strange and Unusual | modern plus size fashion  Strange and Unusual | modern plus size fashion Strange and Unusual | modern plus size fashionStrange and Unusual | modern plus size fashion Strange and Unusual | modern plus size fashion

Hat | Dress | Tights | Shoes

I just love the magic in the air once October rolls around, I feel the most in my element!

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Where to find Plus Size Halloween Costumes

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