We might have a few more weeks of Summer weather in our future but for the most part, we’re done. Although I’m mostly excited and anxiously awaiting orange leaves and big chunky sweaters, a part of me will dearly miss Summer. I don’t feel like I lived it enough, or experienced all the Summer things I wanted to. Generally, most people I know feel the same but its strange how quickly it flew by.

In usual Sarah Anne fashion, I decided to round up some of my favourite outfits of the summer. Every year, I get better and better and coming up with my looks. I can only imagine how good next year’s outfits will be. Without further ado, let’s get to my favourite Summer looks of 2018!

Millennial Pink

Strawberry Season


Darling Clementine

Steal My Sunshine

I Unfollowed You

Tea Time

Girls Support Girls


I’m sure there were many more undocumented outfits I loved as well, but thats it for the most part! What were some of your favourite summer outfits this year? How do you feel about summer coming to an end? Let me know!