I am so excited to share with you guys how I spent my Hawaiian vacation. First of all, I’m going back next year because we had the most amazing time! We really wanted to relax this time so the only thing on the agenda was laying out on the beach and shopping (of course).

I started shopping in preparation for the trip at least 2 months before we left. It’s so easy  to slay a Hawaiian vacay because all the palm leaf print and tropical patterns out there lately. I had a lot of fun dressing for this trip and I was determined to wear everything.

We stayed at two different hotels on Ohau.  There are so many different areas in Hawaii and I didn’t want to stay in busy Waikiki the whole time. You can island hop, which we contemplated but decided to stay on Ohau the whole time. Like I said before we only had two things planned shopping and beach.  We decided to spend part of our time at Waikiki Beach at the Royal Hawaiian and the other in Ko’Olina (45 minutes from Waikiki).

Waikiki has epic shopping and the beach is fun for people watching. It’s really popping. So much to see and do. It may be hard to get the relaxation you may want here.

Shopping note: I read on one of my friend’s blogs that she heard that yo could get designer bags at a discount. Well, the rumors are true… some of the luxury stores offer hawaii exclusive discounts. Let’s just say I had a epic time shopping. 

The only excursion we did do was a sunrise photo tour with Blue Hawaii Photo Tours. We had an amazing time. It started at 5am so you can catch the sunrise and it was a great way to get some epic shots. On the day we went it was a little cloudy but we still had a great time. On this tour we were the only ones that booked for that day so we actually got a private tour. Shoutout to Lisa our tour guide. 

Where We Stayed

The Pink Palace

The Royal Hawaiian more affectionately known as the Pink Palace was beautiful. A blogger’s dream. So many photo opportunites.  It’s a luxury hotel right on Waikiki beach. I wouldn’t say it was it was super luxurious but like I said, it is great for photos. We stayed in the tower in an oceanfront room and it was wonderful. My favorite part of the hotel besides its charm was the food, I live for great breakfast and they got it! Another plus is if you stay in the tower, they have continental breakfast and drinks and apps in the afternoon.  

Four Seasons Ko’Olina

The Four Seasons was by far my favorite hotel that I have ever stayed at in my life! It was so beautiful and relaxing. I’m def going back next year and ‘Im staying for at least a week. The grounds were just as wonderful as the service. They also have a stunning infiniti pool overlooking the ocean. You know I have a billion pictures in that pool. People were asking who I was… I said “Beauticurve”, lol.

The Four Seasons gets another point because  we visited the spa and to my surprise, they had robes that fit me! That has never happened before! Usually when I ask for a larger robe they say “were out of them at the moment” (insert side eye here).

I can not say enough about Ko’Olina. It is only 45 minutes from Honolulu and has a completely different vibe. There are only a couple hotels situated along a cove and it is beautiful and peaceful.

If you do go to Ko’Olina I have to let you know about Manna Cruises. It is a luxury dinner cruise with only a max of 6 people.  If you’re the only one that books the cruise then you get a private cruise. It is so lovely and Romantic. The night we booked it was just us and another couple. I was worried it would be awkward with so few people but it wasn’t at all. There is enough room to spread out and you don’t have to even see the other people. I highly suggest it!

What I Wore

Cover Up/Swimsuit/Bag /Shoes

Swimsuit / Sunnies

Swimsuit / Sunnies /Earrings (similar)

Coverup from Forever 21 but sold out 🙁

Dress / Shoes


Swimsuit / Coverup /Earrings / Sunnies

Dress / Shoes

Coverup / Swim Suit

Skirt and Blouse 

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