Even though some would say that the summer is winding down, I’m gearing up to spend August doing the most Summer-themed stuff I can muster. I turn 31 on the August 18th, and I love living my best Summer life this month. Don’t get my wrong, I’m eager for the fall but August has always been the pinnacle for Summer fun in my life. I thought I’d jot down my essentials for a fun packed and body positive pool day. Unpopular opinion, but I’d pick an outdoor pool over the beach but I genuinely love going to do the two. So, without further ado, check out my list of essentials for a plus size pool day below!


Watermelon Bikini / Stripped Bikini / Flamingo Bikini

Swimsuits: Well, duh, this is sort of a given. Plus size swimwear has come a long way since my teens, and I love finding my swimwear wardrobe for each year. This year, we’re seeing lots of tropical prints and I’m living for it!



Sunscreen: Another pretty obvious one, but you’d imagine the amount of people who forgo sunscreen. I learned my lesson last year when I didn’t wear sunscreen in LA. I still have the tan to remind me never to do that again. My personal favs are spray sunscreen, since it’s easy to apply to hard to reach areas like my back. I also really like the Hawaiian Tropic Silk hydration sunscreen because it smells amazing and massages into the skin easily!


Polka dot sunhat

Sunhat: You can’t go to the pool without a sunhat, and I love building a collection every year! I love a good floppy hat, but I’ve also realized how cute and effective a stiff hat can be too! Not only do they help keep the sun out of your eyes, but they just add that little extra something to your whole look!


Allie in the middle & Erica on the right

Body Positive Friends: Ok, this is probably the most essential thing you need for a good pool day. I don’t think I’d appreciate everything that comes with swimming if it wasn’t for my pals! Who you bring to the pool should be people who hype you up, no questions asked!


“wish you were here” towel

Large Beach Towels: You know, I love a good towel and I spend a lot of time trying to find one that fits my whole look. What I don’t like is how hard it is to find a towel thats big enough for my fat ass (literally). I’m a huge fan of Ban.do towels because they’re huge and also aesthetically pleasing!


Heart shaped pool float

Pool Floats: Pool floats are my JAM, you guys! I just want all of them in both the practical and novelty variety! Some of my personal favourites are from Ban.do, but you can also find a large list on amazon! From a giant shaded pool float, to a donut shaped floatie, you really can have it all! Bonus points if its big enough for two.

Body Positive Podcasts: I’ll take any chance I can to listen to podcasts, namely ones that only help me feel seen and heard while I’m out in public. What better way to relax by the pool then listening to your fav body positive podcast? I’m sure there are tons, but I looooove She’s All Fat. I’m impatiently waiting the return of my fav show, so until then it’ll be reruns by the pool!

Ok, so thats basically some essentials for your next body positive pool day. Good news, because all of these also apply to beach days! I know that I left some pretty obvious ones (sunglasses, coolers, etc) but your girl is getting a major carpal tunnel flair up and I wanted to keep this list short and sweet. Enjoy your day at the pools, my babies!!!