What, is it really already July? June absolutely flew by for me, and I feel like I barely had a chance to enjoy it. With that being said, I did have a lot of obsession for the months of June and I figured I’d try to narrow down my top 10 favs! I definitely want to hear if this is something you’d be interested in me doing every few months or so. It’s been kinda fun to narrow down not just my favourite products, but other things that I’ve been pretty obsessed with this past month. Anyways, let’s get to it!


01 – Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash OK, I really couldn’t go without mentioning the train wreck that is/was the Trisha & Jason drama. I’m pretty damn sure this will mean nothing to a lot of you, and honestly all I have to say is, just go watch. Speaking of which, there’s a new video and I need to catch up… brb!!

02: Mac Fix + Can’t go without mentioning the real MVP here. Mac Fix + is my tried & true, and I only found more ways to get my money’s worth. I also just bought a brand new bottle for FULL PRICE at $30, so you know its real. My personal favourite is the coconut scent!

03 – Rompers I almost didn’t add this, only because I know its just an obsession over the summer.. but I think I really found some of my favourite rompers this month. I know some people are still on the fence about rompers, but hear me out; they’re friggin’ great! Here are links to the green romper, blue romper, tropical print romper and red & white playsuit.

04 – Sephora Eye Primer Ok, so maybe I’ve been obsessed a little longer than just June but I had to mention the Sephora Eye Primer here. I bought mine in tinted shimmer and it has been just incredible! My eyes are always dry and the pigment just never shows up the way it should. Now that I’ve been using the primer, that’s all fixed! Seriously, best purchase ever!


05 – Fruit Print I couldn’t decide if I loved gingham or fruit print more this month and I really think fruit print wins… by a long shot. Doubt this really needs much explanation, just look at some of the pieces I’m eying above. Find the 1st strawberry print, 2nd strawberry print, lemon print and avocado print here!


06 – Podcasts Maybe this was a little bit more of an obsession for the month of May, but that only has to do with my favourite show going on a summer hiatus (shoutout She’s All Fat!). I really, really got into Podcasts and its been kind of life changing. I like to be off my phone, without being off my phone, yanno? They’re so great to listen to on long flights as well and I’m just so obsessed. Please feel free to give me all of your podcast suggestions in the comments!


07 – DOGS! I spent the first two weeks of June dog sitting and it’s really… changed me? I want nothing more than to be a dog mom now and adopt my own lil pup (or big) to be my best friend forever. The amount of time I’ve spent crying over dogs this month….


08 – Hummus I’m really trying to give you a peek into my NORMAL life here, you guys! I really rekindled my love of hummus this month and I’ve been using it just about every single way. Spread that on sandwiches, scoop carrots or cucumbers in it, etc. I’m currently about to dig into caramelized onions hummus and its DELISH!

09 – Ban.do Totes Special shout out to specifically Ban.do totes because they’re just made so dang well! I recently bought a new laptop and its much larger than my previous computer. Thankfully though, Ban.do totes are the perfect size and they don’t mess with my aesthetic. Thanks pals!


10 – Etude House Eye Cream Couldn’t think of how I wanted to bring this list to a close, and then it hit me!! I’ve been really, really into the Etude house eye cream forever but its been a lifesaver for the dryer months. I really notice a difference on the days that I don’t use it. Its pretty dang inexpensive and I’ve been using the same pot for months now!


I hope you all enjoyed this list! It was sort of fun giving you a little look into my month outside of fashion. Anyways, see ya next time!