Oh hey gang! I am back with another swimwear post – a little more Wolf&Whistle Curve action! You might recall my first review a few weeks ago – well here comes the sequel!

The Halley swimsuit

WolfWhistleRed1 WolfWhistleRed2 WolfWhistleRed3 WolfWhistleRed4 WolfWhistleRed5 WolfWhistleRed6

CONS: * So I got to live my Baywatch fantasies in this suit! However, given that it had only a booby shelf (which you can see isn’t quite containing me in a 22), I don’t think I’ll be running around saving lives in it any time soon! * This isn’t a con so much as a plea to plus size ranges – it would be really cool to have a little built in belly support, especially on plain items that show such vast planes of tum!

PROS: * Baywatch realness! *The length is really good and it did not enter me at any point. * Thick straps are always appreciated on fleshy shoulders. * Good butt coverage – enough to tan it without being frumpy.

Tayla Mesh Floral Bikini

WolfWhistleFloral6 WolfWhistleFloral5 WolfWhistleFloral4 WolfWhistleFloral3 WolfWhistleFloral2 WolfWhistleFloral1

CONS: * I also went for this in a 22, and the boob coverage was pretty damn good! However… my nips were visible through the mesh! And when I moved them behind the flowers, they didn’t sit how I would have liked. More mesh needed! * Halterneck. Need I say more?

PROS: * This is such a cute bikini! Despite the nipple flashing, the pattern is subtle and fun – it jazzes up what would have been just anther black bikini. * The briefs! They are such a lovely and flattering height on me.

The Khaki Bikini Top

WolfWhistleKhaki6 WolfWhistleKhaki5 WolfWhistleKhaki4 WolfWhistleKhaki3 WolfWhistleKhaki2 WolfWhistleKhaki1

CONS: * Once again – haterneck, big boobies.

PROS: * This top is also a 22 – and the fit is just so wonderful. Even the underwires sit in the right place. And although I can’t wear halternecks on my neck for too long, I do love how this looks on me! * The little low cut detail is E V E R Y T H I N G! It makes me boobies look so good and round – I just love it. * The colour – give me every shade of green ever!

So what are your thoughts on the next swimwear drop from Wolf&Whistle? Did you check out the collection after my previous post? What would you like to see next from the brand?

*This is a sponsored post. My fee always covers my exposure and reach. It NEVER sways my opinion.*