You guysssssssss, Collectif are absolutely owning it right now! Amazing prints, fabrics, cuts… I nearly fainted after seeing the Spring Summmer collection and London Edge earlier this year! And so far I have done pretty well with regards to acquiring a big portion of it all, and one dress that I am pleased to have is the Sandrine rock lobster dress.

CollectifLobster1 CollectifLobster2 CollectifLobster3 CollectifLobster4

I mean… LOBSTERS! Who doesn’t love a lobster!? And not just that – nice looking lobsters on a cute dress with pockets and a lovely button detail! I loved how flared the skirt was – enough to swish, but without those volume adding waist pleats that Collectif can be so fond of. The dress isn’t clingy, and it does crease but not too easily – plus, the pattern distracts from it! The style is one I hadn’t tried before, and I decided to go for it a 22 to allow for the boobies – and it was a pretty good fit. The Jean bolero helped to cinch me in nicely, and I would probably add a belt on days when a cardigan would be a little too warm.

CollectifLobster5 CollectifLobster8 CollectifLobster6 CollectifLobster7

I am such a sucker for a red outfit – mostly because it makes red lipstick pop even more! And happily, my new red heeled sandals from Evans were a really perfect match with this look. They are so easy to wear and walk in, and I felt so girly and adorable in this look.

CollectifLobster10 CollectifLobster13 CollectifLobster12 CollectifLobster9 CollectifLobster11

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