Mauve dress, (Plus-Size version here), pink sunglasses

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mamas out there! Now that I have a few Mother’s Days under my belt, I can say my experience of motherhood has only grown more honeyed and wonderful.

When I was first expecting, I was so nervous about this new role. (Will I be good at it? How do I take care of a baby?!) But you learn so much about your child and yourself over the years. Julia makes my life sweeter. She’s kind, smart, and brave. She makes me laugh all the time. She asks me questions that make me to stop and reflect. As she learns about the world, I feel like we’re on this exploratory journey together with me as a guide but with her as the lead. I get to watch her grow up and—OK let me get REALLY emotional for a sec—as much as raising her is my responsibility, it is also a gift bestowed on me.

As I look forward to welcoming out second baby, I feel much more confident about my abilities as a mom (though I know we’ll have plenty of new things to learn as parents-of-two.)

So much is written about balancing motherhood with other aspects of life. Or about talking about the real life challenges every mom faces. But today I just want to soak in the sweet parts. Dancing with mommy and daddy in the kitchen. Watering her plants in the garden. Theatre performances before bedtime. Ice cream melting and smiles. Wildflowers picked.

These rosy moments are what I’ll hold onto when she’s off being an astronaut or veterinarian or princess (she hasn’t decided yet.)

I’m very much into wearing my mood so OF COURSE I had to wear this rose colored dress from LOFT. I got us matching pink sunglasses because she’s always taking mine. Now we can hand in hand together and enjoy the pink landscape together.

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In collaboration with LOFT Jessica Castro Photography