When we talk about plus size lingerie, so often it’s in the context of wanting to look sexy for someone else. Have a hot date? Rock some lingerie under your outfit. Want to spice things up with your partner? Sport a sexy bra or teddy. But what happened to the motto of “me, myself, and I?” Shouldn’t that be a reason to rock lingerie as well? In our eyes, the answer is yes. There is never a bad reason to shimmy into some sexy undergarments for your own sake. Here are 3 reasons why:

1. Self-Love

Your undergarments are the first things to touch your skin when you’re getting ready. Therefore, they should be beautiful, comfortable, and empowering. Essentially, your lingerie is a reflection of you. You should be fearless in rocking beautiful undergarments simply for the sake of loving yourself and the body that carries you through life each day. Taking care of yourself doesn’t always mean just eating right and working out. By ditching grungy old undies and opting for more delicate and alluring underclothes, you can treat your body with the care and love it deserves.

2. Fabulosity

Getting dolled up and feeling fabulous applies to more than clothes, shoes, and makeup. Lingerie should be an integral part of your wardrobe and how you carry yourself. If you’re feeling perky and bright, whip vibrant or pastel lingerie out of your drawers. Feeling moody? Wear something like a deep auburn, dark purple, or black. Just as your outward clothing reflects your mood and style at the moment, so should the lingerie that you’re wearing underneath.

3. Celebrating Independence

Note: this doesn’t have to mean that you’re single. Rather, celebrating your independence means embracing all that womanhood has to offer. You are strong and beautiful — with or without a partner — and there’s something really powerful about doing something for your own sake and no one else’s. Realizing that you can and should praise yourself for being the queen that you are, you’ll find that you enjoy picking out lingerie that much more. Lingerie looks great on all shapes and sizes, so never get caught up in the type of thinking: “Are my breasts too small for this?” or “Is my backside too large to rock these undies?” The answer is always, “NO.” As long as you find the lingerie beautiful, you can rest assured that you will look beautiful in it. And that fact should be enough to embrace the lace and luxury that you slip into each day.

It’s true that yes, lingerie is a spicy, tried and true way to add flair when preparing for some sexy times with your partner. But remember: no one needs to see your lingerie for it to be exciting and fun to wear. All that matters is that you love what you’re wearing, feel comfortable in your own skin, and accept that you are fierce, fabulous, and beautiful.

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