I had the privilege of overhauling my closet from top to bottom with one of my favorite stores, The Container Store. I’m always seem to be put together but my closet was not and my pretty clothes certainly got abused because I just didn’t know how to properly put them away and my closet was not conducive for that anyway.

So, in an attempt to make life a bit easier and make the most out of my space,  I worked with The Container Store to design my new closet and get some closet accessories to finish off the space. Here’s how it looked before….no judging!

It wasn’t the worst set-up ever, ( a couple bars and some shoe shelves)  and we were certainly trying to make it work.  This was one of the compromises I made when we bought this house. The closet was not ideal but I knew we could make it could be better.  I just didn’t know how to do accomplish that, so I turned to the experts at the Container Store.
I had to empty out the entire thing to prepare for install. Yes, it’s as bad as it sounds but I knew there was a silver lining. Although this was a chore I was able to weed out pieces that I new I didn’t want to return to my all new fab closet. Most of those items will be sold and others donated to charity.

The next day they started by installing the elfa system with space for short- and long-hanging garments, décor Shelves, Translucent Drawers to house my tees, jeans, shorts, activewear, and undergarments. My shoes will now be displayed on ventilated shelves and elfa Gliding Shoe Racks.

 As far as installation goes, you can have their designated installation tech do everything from ripping out your existing fixtures to installation.  If you’re handy,  you could totally do it yourself (to save a few coins).

I am completely blown away by the transformation and the impact it makes on our daily lives! The entire process was a delight, from the planning and installation, to the organizing and styling! Their elfa closet systems are completely customizable to your specific space and budget (most elfa projects range from $50-$2,000).

If you have been thinking about getting a new closet system, the Container Store does have a amazing promotion going on (May 1 – June 30th).   You get free installation when you spend 750 or more in a single transaction of an elf system.

If you’re not quite ready to take  that kind of plunge you can always update or organize your closet by simply using different organizational accessories from the Container Store. Now is the time because they are in the midst of their annual closet sale! Hundreds of closet organization essentials are 25% off.

They have an endless  amount of options and once you’re in there you realize you need everything! When everything has a place, it makes life easer and make such a visual impact as well. Below I’ve listed accessories that I used:

White Wooden Hangers & White Wooden Pant Hangers : I thought these were beautiful quality hangers and with the Closet accessory  sale going on, they’re pretty affordable.  

Grey Baskets & Tan&Grey Baskets : You always need these decorative baskets for odds and ends because everything needs a home. Also a part of the sale.

 Hat Boxes : Im not sure if you saw my hats in the before photo but they were literally everywhere.  Overtime I went to get a hat down they all fell down. I never thought about hat boxes until I saw them at the store. such a quick fix that will store your hats in a cute way.  I believe you can get two for 25 bucks during the sale.

 Linen Drawer Organizers : These were literally life savers. I really need to purchase some of these for my bedroom dressers. They keep everything neat. 

A huge thank you to The Container Store for their help and support in making this project happen.


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