Spring’s pop colors are cherry red, lilac, pink, and yellow. All through winter I wore a lot of black and gray. But the prospect of days warming up made me want to try something new for spring. So I decided to aim for a sunny shade of yellow! Here’s how my search went.

First, I thought of a style inspiration: Solange. Her style is modern, color saturated, often wearing simple shapes but with interesting prints, textures, or dimensions. Next, I went to eBay and searched my size + some of my usual favorite brands. So maybe, “ASOS dress US 16” or “Torrid dress 1” depending on the brand’s sizing system. That’s how I came across this bright yellow animal print dress.

Please let me keep it real: I LOVE eBay. Just recently I’ve used it to buy things as varied as leather cowgirl boots (for my daughter,) a replacement Blu-Ray of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (for my husband and me because we were marathoning all the movies; highly recommend,) out-of-print books, and this dress.

I know a lot of us associate eBay with bidding (which is fun) but it turns out 88% of items sold are Buy-It-Now. That’s how I got my dress: one click and straight to check out. Here are a few more favorites for your sunny days ahead:

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Photos by Jessica Castro