It’s no secret that I have Spring on the brain. Most of us in this part of the world do, as we just officially welcomed the season back a few days ago. Spring happens to be one of my absolute favourite seasons. Its warm, sunny and all around perfect for someone like me. Not to mention, longer days are back and who doesn’t love those? Another aspect of Spring that I just love are the trends. So much of what I love to wear comes back this time of year and I figured now was a great down to dive right into those favourites. Find out what Spring trends I love after the cut!


Gingham swimsuit / Gingham coat / Gingham shoes / Gingham crop

Surprise, surprise, Gingham made the list! If you know anything about me, you’ll know how quickly I gravitate towards anything with this pattern. It’s so simple, so dainty and so pretty. I love wearing gingham to just about any Spring occasion. Ps, I’m absolutely gaga over ELOQUII’s gingham collection this year. They really know what a gal like me it looking for!


“Permanent Vaction” tee / “Baby” overalls / Pink Pants / Mint Sweater Dress

Pastels are a staple in my wardrobe every single Spring. Heck, they’re a staple all year ’round but there’s just something about a Spring pastel that really gets me. We’re seeing a lot of new pastel colour combos (hello red and pastel pink) go on trend this year as well, and I cannot wait to play around. Ps, some would say I have a specific love for pastel pink but I’m trying to brand out this year and add more colour!


Black sunhat / “Hello sunshine” sunhat / Stripped sunhat / Pink sunhat

Its always a sad day for me when sun hats are no longer appropriate for the season. I have really grown to love pairing them with summer dresses, or adding them for a witchy vibe in the fall. Sun hats make the perfect accessory for so many looks, and I’m so happy they’re back in season!


Classic Jean Jacket / “Hell No” Jacket / Embellished Jean Jacket / White Denim Jacket

Hey, maybe I’m a creature of habit but I can’t get enough of what’s served me so well in the past. Nothing says spring like the trade off of big, bulky winter coats to jean jackets. Not only are they more practical, but you can’t tell me they don’t take your Spring gear up a notch or two. We’re seeing a lot of embellished denim again this year, and I might just make it a point to add more of those pieces into my wardrobe. Overall though, there’s nothing like a good jean jacket in Spring!


Blue Floral / Burst of floral / Red Floral / Daisy print

Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking, I know, I know! However, there IS a reason we always see a return of flower print each year. Its classic, tried and true. Personally, I dig the trend and I’m excited to see different takes on floral each year. I’m a sucker for Daisy prints, bursts of floral and unique approached to adding a flower design on a garment.


Cherry earrings / Lemon dress / Lemon pants / Pineapple Shirt

Fruit Print easily takes the place is my #1 S/S trend. I could exclusive dress in lemons, strawberries, and every fruit variety if my wardrobe allowed it. Each year, it comes back even better than the year before. This year, we’re seeing a lot of fruit + pattern combinations and I’m not hating it. If anything, it only makes it that much sweeter and fun to wear. Ps, I totally forgot to add this adorable cherry printed denim skirt from Forever 21. Make sure you check it out!

Obviously, there are many more trends out there that I love. However, I didn’t want to make this list excessively long out of free that no one would read it! With that being said, I’d love to hear your favourite Spring trends and what you’re looking forward to most. Until next time, my dears!

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