LOVE is in the air, my dears and I’m soaking it all up. If you didn’t know, Valentine’s day is my absolute favourite holiday. Yes, thats right, I like it more than Christmas and its mostly because of all the cute, heart themed stuff that hits the selves. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find the best places to find thee best V-day themed pieces and I figured some of you out there would appreciate a break down as well. So, without further ado, here’s 12 places to shop this Valentine’s day!

Modcloth: Go figure I’d start with Modcloth, right? They’re always so great with executing novelty themed pieces and Valentine’s is simply no excuse. So many of my must have Valentine’s Day pieces are on this site alone. Whether you’re looking for a heart printed dress, or kitchy kitchen items, Modcloth’s got you covered!

Unique Vintage: Another absolute favourite year ’round but they sure do know how to do Valentine’s day right! I know I can always count on Unique Vintage to turn out some of the cutest retro inspired V-day pieces, and boy do I ever look forward to them. I was lucky enough to haul a bunch of pieces from UV’s Valentine’s collection, so keep an eye out on my channel for my little review!


Yandy: Of course, I couldn’t go without mentioning some lingerie! Even for the single people out there, I still think a lot of us want to look and feel sexy in some lingerie this time of year. So why not treat yourself to something sexy but also affordable? That’s why I love Yandy, because they combine the two so well. I mean heck, who doesn’t want to unwrap some lingerie on or off the body?

Ban.do: If you haven’t already heard of Ban.do, prepare to fall in love. Ban.do is most known for their stationary but they have some of the cutest clothing and accessories I’ve come across. As expected, they have done Valentine’s Day perfectly. Check out that “Strong Female Lead” top and the “Be Nice” tote. SO cute, so perfect for the big day!

Forever 21: Although lately I’m been on the fence with Forever 21, I still think they do a great novelty product line. I found some mighty cute Valetine’s Day pieces and for the time being, everything is 50% off! I’m not sure when the sale will end, but take advantage while you can. As for me, I’m grabbing that “Moody” top asap!


Torrid: Good ole Torrid, always coming to save the day! I know I can always count on one of my fav plus size stores to deliver the V-day goods. Whether you’re shopping for lingerie, accessories or clothing, Torrid has you covered. Ps, there isn’t a dedicated “Valentine’s day” section but if you search “hearts”, you’ll find the pieces I listed above. Pps, I filmed a haul featuring some of the pieces I listed above, so check it out if you want me little review on how they fit and more!

Eloquii: If you know me, you know I love Eloquii. As per usual, they offer a sophisticated take on Valentine’s Day attire. I’m such a huge fan of their unique take on just about everything they do, and thankfully Eloquii’s Valentine’s collection has my heart, too! Ps, did you know Eloquii released a lingerie collection? I was lucky enough to get my hands on a few pieces and they are just as classic and stunning as the rest of their clothing!

Lindy Bop: If you’re looking for that vintage inspired, affordable, Valentine’s ensemble, look no further than Lindy Bop. I genuinely always look forward to Lindy Bop’s release of Valentine’s Day clothing every single year. Even though we’re seeing a lot less heart printed items this time around, there are still so many adorable pieces I can’t wait to own. They also go up to a 6x (4x in US sizes), which is incredible and rare for vintage inspired clothing!

Adorned by Chi: Even though Adorned by Chi doesn’t have a dedicated Valentine’s Day line, I still wanted to mention them anyway. You can see above that a lot of the pastels and general aesthetic of the clothing and accessories fit my ideal Valentine’s Day aesthetic. I’ve been such a long time lurker, and I think this year I’ll become a first time customer. Ps, they go up to a 5x in most tops, so dig right in!

Society Plus: I’m just smitten with Society Plus, so I knew I’d have to keep a lookout for their Valentine’s day line. Society Plus has so many perfect date night looks that I’m dying to wear this holiday. Protip: Wear the red tutu as a petticoat to add an extra something to your V-day ensemble!


Amazon: I know that Amazon can be sort of overwhelming to navigate, but they have some treasures to find. So long as you search terms like “hearts”, “valentine’s” and related keywords, you can find what you’re looking for. Check out the gorgeous earrings, adorable sweater and bag, and beret I found just by dedicated some time to browsing. Ps, I have the heart sweater and it fits me in an XL!


Boohoo: Last but certainly not least it Boohoo. I know I can always count on them for an edgier approach to anything I’m in the market for. Personally, I’m eying everything above but I’d do terrible things for that “honey” sweater. Boohoo constantly has sales on their clothing, so I suggest keeping an eye out on the website!


I hope you liked like my list of places to shop this Valentine’s day. Of course, there are many more shops to check out, but maybe I’ll revisit this list again before the season is over. With that being said, happy spending!

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