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My experience working with Covenant House California as part of the State Farm Neighborhood of Good® program has been completely amazing! From the first day we went to work deep cleaning apartments for the youth, to the last day we visited before the holidays to donate clothes and teach a class, I was continuously blown away by all that the organization does to help homeless youth and give them the skills and tools they need to succeed. The staff are so dedicated to aiding them as they discover and pursue their interests, acquire and maintain jobs, learn financial responsibility, and further their education. Not only that, but the youth themselves are inspiring with their drive and dedication. I’m so grateful I had a chance to work with State Farm on this initiative. They’ve put so much work into making it easy for all of us to get motivated to help others and find volunteer opportunities through their website, where you can easily search for places to give your time. unnamed

Right before the holidays, Nicolette Mason and I visited Covenant House to talk to the youth about our own stories, sharing how we have been able to build careers using social media and eventually launching a fashion line together. It was a really intimate discussion with the youth, so we had a lot of time to dig into how each of them could use social media to help pursue their own interests and kick start a career. I loved hearing their dreams—everything from journalism and photography to fitness and screenwriting—and sharing advice to help, hopefully, make them into realities.


After our talk, I delivered huge containers of clothing from my closet; it felt great to go through all of my things and reassess what I actually wear and need, and give away things that would have a better home somewhere else. Covenant House let me know that unfortunately plus size women are often left out when people and brands donate clothing. I also was happy to donate to their Amazon Holiday Wish List, and shared it with you guys on social media—thank you to everyone who pitched in to help get the youth items! I appreciate it so much, and so do they.


This has been such a heartwarming experience, and I am going to continue to support Covenant House California whenever I can (I’m going to an event with them this week)! I truly encourage all of you to use NeighborhoodofGood.com® and find out how you can help in your community—I promise it will be worth it!

This post is sponsored advertising content by State Farm.