Damn guys it’s 2018! I am still in disbelief. I hope you all had an amazing holiday season. If you are still reading this little blog of mine, thank you. Thank you for sticking around even though a lot of us do not read blogs any longer thanks to social media. I have not blogged as much as I could have last year.Many of you already know that I blog full time.With that comes a lot of commitments, deadlines, planning, travel … add that to being a soccer mom. I still would not change it for anything. I never knew My Curves and Curls would grow to be what it is today. Last year, I worked with a lot of amazing brands, went to amazing trips, attended fabulous events, was part of an epic photo shoot ( more on that soon). None of that would have been possible without your comments, encouragements, and clicks.

I am skipping the whole resolution thing this year because I hardly keep up with them past January. Instead, I’ve written down a few reachable goals for the blog.

1.Going Back To The Roots Of Blogging

The last few years, I’ve dedicated way too many hours to social media mainly Instagram only for them to switch things up last year. It’s virtually impossible to grow your following by the thousand anymore unless you’re doing something shady like buying followers or using bots. Oh! I forgot, also be part of one big whole loop giveaway. Unless things change which it probably won’t I will go back to my blogging roots. Although this blog was started as a creative outlet, it was also created to help you, my readers with all of your questions. I want to make this blog fun again! Hopefully get back the community we once had.

2. Create New Content/ Rebranding

I would love to create content that you guys engage with. Fashion will forever be my main content. With that being said, I think it’s time to add other subjects, such as kids, videos and beauty content. All these are part of my daily life but hardly shared on this blog. Another subject that is dear to my heart is the business of blogging itself. It’s about time I share with you a few things I’ve learned last 7 years. Eventually, if all go as planned my goal is to rebrand by the end of the year.

3. Optimize the blog

I moved from blogger to WordPress last year.Let’s just say I did a lot of things wrong and my blog is still suffering from the move. I am hoping to hire someone to help me optimize the blog to make it more search engine friendly.

4.Improve Photography

I know many of you think my photos are the bomb.com but I feel like they need a lot of improvements. Though I’ve invested in quite a few lenses lately, my husband still uses our Nikon D7000. This Christmas I was gifted a Fujifilm X-T20 Mirrorless Camera. I can’t tell you how excited I am for that Camera.It’s honestly the perfect camera for travel.

I have plenty of other goals I plan to share on later dates.


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