My dear CBH family,

Happy New Year!!! I hope this year bodes well for us and brings us experiences to learn from, beauty in humanity to cherish.

A fresh start. A blank slate. That’s what gets said about the advent of newness in our lives.

I tend to look at a new year as a chance to make and utilise new perspectives on what is already there. To renew hope and bring fruit to aspirations.

As we tread into the first few days of the new year… I think about the answers I would like to obtain to gain better mobility, a stronger physical constitution for my health. My health took a nosedive last year after the knee mishap and while that was unfortunate it did make me much more aware of what my body needs. I don’t have all the answers though and with the lower back giving the knee some contention for my mobility .. I need to find answers and remedies.

2017 brought back into my life with much surprise, some closeness with family and newfound friendships. What the year lacked in the work department it far made up for in having a lot of heart. Which was one of my goals last year that I actually fulfilled: to encourage myself to spend more time with loved ones.

I don’t know if you have a new set of resolutions each year, but mine are the same until I feel that they have been accomplished to my liking. A lot of these resolutions are in fact good habits I would like to keep but not in the typical sense of “lose weight, eat clean etc” – those goals I no longer care for.

One good habit I am starting on is what I am doing at this very moment – writing on the blog. I celebrated 5 years of Curves Become Her last November and I’d very much like to get back to my roots here – my writing.

As someone who wears many caps, it’s easy to get lost in between those roles. While being active on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter has its illuminating and enriching moments .. It can get messy and unnerving. It’s so strange because while the blog is on a social media platform, it has never felt like so for me. This site has always been my personal breathing space and where I collect my thoughts the best.

What can my readers expect in 2018?

Well life sure is unpredictable but I endeavour to pen weekly posts on the blog. Outfit of the day posts are fun but will not be as much of a priority. I hope to cover a range of topics over the causes that I champion, share links, speak of notable websites and feature personalities that are relevant to the blog. And of course, touch upon what’s going on with body positivity and my own journey down that hashtag.

Let me not bore you with logistics now! I look forward immensely to sharing and writing about what I have learnt and am learning along the way.

Cheers to releasing past negative attachments from the year we bid goodbye to and to re-align ourselves to the things and people that truly matter to us.

With Love,

Aarti xxxo

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