I was asked by Olay to replace my current skincare regimen with the Olay Luminous collection. Olay’s line has been clinically-proven to provide amazing benefits to real women such as younger-looking skin in 28 days, reduced appearance of fine lines, firmer skin, plumped skin, and reduced crow’s feet among many others.  Furthermore this line  is specifically for women with more melanin in their skin tone.  For the past 28 days, I only used Olay products for my day and night skincare regimen.  If you follow me on IG you probably already know all about it.

As a girl with melanin I tend to have oily skin which is a blessing and a curse at times.  So many of us would love to have a natural glow without all the oil.  I  know that the natural oil prevents signs of aging and helps you to look younger, longer but it’s a pain to deal with. After switching to the Olay Luminous collection the glow up got real (but minus the excess oil)!

The Olay 28 Day Challenge Results

For 28 Days I replaced my normal regimen which normally includes a facial wipe (not much regimen over here) with this 4 step regimen:

Step 1: AM and PM cleanse with the Olay Luminous Micellar Water

Step 2: AM and PM apply Olay Luminous Miracle Boost Concentrate

Step 3: AM apply Olay Luminous Light Hydrating Lotion

Step 4: PM apply Olay Luminous Overnight Mask

Day 1-8

The first week of making the big switch I did start to notice subtle differences, mainly in the feel! Most of all I really loved these products. I’m a huge fan of micellar water. This is something everyone needs to use. I’ve heard that it is better for your skin to wipe it and not rinse. At the end of the day II was a little less oily throughout the day which means I didnt have to use as much blotting powder as I normally do.

Day 8-18

Skin is feeling extra hydrated. That’s part of my skin struggle. Although my t-zone is oily, the rest of my face is dry a lot of the time. I love the Luminous Overnight mask for this because you can really feel your skin absorbing the moisture.  I can start to see slightly more even skin but more than anything is very supple and smooth skin. For the first time I felt like my skin looked decent without foundation on which is major goals!

Day 18-28

By the last week of the challenge I am literally in love with these products. I became addicted to my skin feeling so hydrated.  My skin looked more plump and youthful as if it was lifted from dullness! It literally is glowing (and its not just oil). I have relatively good skin (from what I’m told) but we all know the little imperfections that others don’t see (small bumps, dryness, redness) After the 28 days some of those imperfections disappeared.

Overall I’m impressed with this line from Olay. This line is formulated for women of color because it addresses specific concerns like uneven skin tone and hydration, but anyone can use these products if those are your concerns. I love the way my skin feels now and the way the products feel when applying them. It doesn’t hurt that the packaging looks pretty on my counter.  Its hard for me to do anything for more than a couple days (I’m going to blame it on ADD) but I realized that if I can enjoy the process it makes it a lot easier. I enjoyed using these products because I was excited to see results. Although I wear makeup almost every day, when your skin looks good underneath, you have a better outcome. I’ve even heard feedback from some followers saying they would like to try the Olay Luminous Collection which I highly recommend.  If you would like to try these I have a coupon for you here.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The opinions and text are all mine.

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