Creed’s 1st Birthday party was a blast! I kinda went over the top but it’s a celebration after all!  I decided on a carnival theme early on but I didn’t start preparing until about two weeks before (not recommended). To say I was stressed is an understatement.  Work (blogging) had gotten super busy and I regretted not hiring a party planner. Although I love planning parties, the time constraints had me stressed to the max and I would have loved to sit back and watch someone else stress. The end of the summer was the busiest I’ve been all year! Heck, I’m just now recovering enough to post the party (lol)!

You may think, all this stress over a one year old’s party! Of course! I know most people say “they’re not going to remember” but that’s irrelevant to me.  I come from a family where big birthday parties are the norm. That’s just what we do. My parents gave me a big birthday party every year until I was 18 so I plan to do the same for Creed.

Back to the party details. So we had the party in our backyard. It’s huge and believe it or not we only use one side of it. Part of the reason we bought our house was the massive backyard with endless party opportunities. I ordered almost everything from Amazon. Pick some stuff up from Target and Party City too. In my experience with planning events, if you don’t order everything you probably won’t get what you want or you’re going to have to run around like crazy to find stuff. I didn’t have time to go to a million stores to try and spell out Creed with balloons. Amazon saved the day!

We had snow cones, kettle corn, cotton candy, pull pork and chicken sandwiches, mexican dip, hot dogs, salad and an easy punch I found on Pinterest. Kiddos took home, a box full of goodies: animal crackers, mini gum ball machines, candy and little circus animals!

A lot of the details are not pictured. My husband tried to go cheap and not hire a photographer. Of course he got busy with the party itself and most of my hard work was destroyed by toddlers before he could even commemorate with a photo. Y’all get him for me when you see him (angry face emoji).

In the end everyone had a great time. Our little ringmaster was celebrated! I did however make a rookie mom mistake and actually lit the candle on his cake and turned my head. Of course he in that split second touched it. Other than that Creed slept most of the time and wanted to be in the house haha. I literally had to wake him up so he could ride the pony before it left.

 Dad and cousin. They came from LA to party!Old MacDonald realness! We had two ponies a llama, a goat, baby chickens and something else. He was fine until it moved.Right after he burned his finger. Two seconds later!


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