In a lovely twist of fate, I was recently offered the chance to review some Zakti activewear right before I went away to a yoga retreat for a week – that was half the packing decided for me! I will tell you more about the retreat soon, but first… activewear darling!

I can wear anything from a 14 to a 22 in clothing, but my gym wear is generally 16-20. Zakti items stop at an 18, and so I went for items in sizes 16-18. I did worry that a week of yoga wouldn’t be quite high impact enough to test out sports gear – but all that bending and standing and moving definitely told me all I needed to know about the clothes in terms of how well they stayed up and on me.

DSC02800 DSC02731 DSC02783 DSC02764

It may surprise you to learn that I have a huge bum, and so I struggle slightly when it comes to finding things that cover my bottom and stay up. I do prefer gym leggings that have a draw string – but I was pleasantly surprised but how well most of the leggings stayed up, and the fact that they didn’t go too see through over my tush! They aren’t something I could wear for super high impact sports, and I did need to pull them up a few times during the lessons, but generally they were very comfortable to wear.

DSC02750 DSC02737 DSC02788 DSC02776

I’m also a high waisted fan as my tummy is big and rolls things down if it’s not covered, and I only really struggled with one pair of leggings – the the lunge capri. I couldn’t see any solid differences between them and the other styles, so I think it’s just luck of the drawer. All of the other leggings fit pretty nicely, and the fabric wears and washes really well. I love the bright colours and patterns, and how there are so many different length options.

DSC02781 DSC02795 DSC02758 DSC02750

Now onto the tops… my absolute favourites! The tank top maybe not so much as it was a little small on the boobies, but the t shirts are amazing! Great fabric and a perfect length, even with big boobs in the mix. They didn’t roll up or show sweat patches or cut into my arms, and the necklines were as I like them.

DSC02778 DSC02758 DSC02747

I think that Zakti makes affordable and fun gym wear, but I would like to see two things… a plus size line that takes bigger bodies into account – but in the exact same fun prints. And of course – some drawstring leggings! There are not enough of them in this world!

DSC02771 DSC02739 DSC02742

Fancy treating yourself to some Zakti Activewear? The code ‘FFFB15’ will get you 15% off until the end of October. Happy shopping!

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