New York Fashion Week has come and gone and it was a freakin whirlwind. I can’t remember a time where I’ve been this tired but I had been wanting to go to NYFW forever and TheCurvyCon just kinda gave me a “reason” to make it happen. Personally, the week couldn’t have fallen on a worse time but I knew I had to go! Needless to say, I don’t regret it at all! It was a blast!! Know that I didn’t go into fashion week with my head in the clouds. I was actually a little reluctant to participate in “fashion week” events and shows.  I read a couple of blog posts (years ago) from fellow plus size and straight size girls who attended NYFW and spoke about the exclusivity of it and that you hardly see anyone that looks like “us” girls. There’s also plenty of stories about the cattiness of the other girls and the industry as a whole. In the past, I hadn’t let that type of thing stop me (I don’t mind mind being the largest and best dressed girl in the room) but I knew NYFW was another beast!

As I mentioned, CurvyCon took place during fashion week this year which was such an amazing move for them. I didn’t speak on a panel this time, but I love to support my friends Chastity and CeCe on their amazing conference and I get to see so many friends of Beauticurve (smile emoji). It’s always fun getting to meet and take photos with you guys! You can see what I wore here.

Also, for the first time Torrid showed during fashion week and that was cool. For so long (and especially now) we have been preaching size inclusivity and this year there were moves made toward that. There were also a record number of plus size or average sized models used during fashion week (in straight sized shows). That’s definitely a win. I also attended Addition Elle show which was amazing! Of course they had their main girls, Ashley Graham, Jordyn Woods, and so many other beautiful plus models.  I sat behind Danielle Brooks (Tasty) and Gabrielle Sibide — I could hardly keep myself together.  It was legit.

Besides the shows and conference. I had a TON of meetings to go to! I had 3 and 4 in a day on some days! I was so glad to be able to chat with brands and explore new opportunities as a result. Living in Arkansas I obviously don’t get to do this face to face often!

Dress: ASOS | Booties: Nine West (similar)| Bag: Chloe

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Bring Flats Most days I did have flats with me but one day I did not have room in my bag for a pair of flats and I literally have scabs on the tops of my toes. I had knee high boots on and no socks (I know that was dumb) and I was out from sunrise to sunset without any relief.

Bring Snacks

I was literally so hungry the whole time! I never had time to eat. I had a hour here and there but not enough time to get back to my room and rest my feet and get back out to eat. It was a struggle. Basically, resting and taking off my shoes was more important that eating.

Bring a Friend

Because I was going to be in NYC for a whole week I basically made my friend and fellow blogger Gavyn room with me. Who wants to be in a hotel room for a week by themselves? Not me. Thankfully, we were going to the same events so we also could share a taxi or Uber too.

Bring your A-game

Besides the time I nearly fell down the stairs leaving one of the shows I was on my A-game. I didn’t have enough time to plan my outfits for fashion week.  I basically threw everything together. August/September has been the busiest month and I feel like I have been running a marathon. Thankfully, Asos has two day shipping and my peeps at Eloquii always have my back. They both came through in the clutch.  I also realized, when in doubt wear all black.

Bring Extra Luggage

I actually brought an extra piece of luggage and both pieces were packed to the max. I needed to go buy another piece in one of those tourist shops. I didn’t pack until the last minute and me and Gavin did not feel like finding one at 2am so I made it work. FYI, If you get a platinum ticket for the curvy con you get a butt load of stuff and you’ll need extra room.

Photos by Kaye (Cookaye Monster)

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