Jay Miranda, Lauren Downing Peters, and Rachel Kinnard. Photo: Racheal Pena.

Last month I had the pleasure of speaking at CLOTHING & SIZE, a panel organized by Rachel Kinnard along with Sommer Green, Lauren Downing Peters, and Marcy Guevera-Prete. If the subjects of plus size fashion and body positivity interest you, it’s a great read.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the idea of transition and “the average woman.” In America, she’s said to wear a size 16. Fellow panelist Marcy Guevara made a brilliant point about the average woman–she has obligations, works, is married, has kids. “She’s always buying the kids shoes!” This made me think: wow the average American woman probably feels like her whole life is in transition. I have certainly felt this way. Babies, career moves, aging parents, etc.

There’s the idea out there that plus-size women see themselves as a body in transition. Maybe the average woman feels this way about her body, possibly due to all the messages hurled at her. Then again, maybe body positivity becomes part of how she deals with that.

But what do you WEAR when your LIFE feels in transition?

As you grow into your 30s, the meaning of fashion shifts. Last month, we spent the most on summer travels with our daughter. After that, I gave money to loved ones (and emergency causes) that needed it more than I did. That’s real life. That’s grown woman stuff! Anyway, I mention that because in the average woman’s life, fashion is sometimes pushed to the back burner.

Until you need a dress for an event.

Speaking of transitions, my body HAS changed in the last few years and months and this HAS been a challenge I haven’t written about. I’m a few sizes smaller. My proportions have changed a bit. I’ve ordered things that didn’t fit as expected. I’ve felt a little defeated in the dressing room. My style feels like it’s changing too.

It’s been an adjustment.

Then, serendipitously, you find an amazing dress.

What can I say about Target? There’s no other shop where you can buy detergent, play doh, and a dress that makes you feel like you’re falling love in Portofino.

OK, OK, that last part was probably due to the fact that my husband and I had dinner afterwards at SPERANZA, a beautiful little Italian restaurant in Los Feliz, Calif. It felt like dining in a garden.

Gazing at my husband over candlelight while he effusively tells me how much he loves me in the unrestrained ways of Italian wine? Um yeah, I could do that every night.

But. This. Dress.

It’s a wrap dress, which means I got a perfect fit. It’s on-trend with these gorgeous prairie ruffles. It was flirty, romantic, feminine. It was cotton. It was under $40. Let’s all collectively hope that Target’s Who What Wear collaboration endures. Because this is everything I want.

Fellow average women of America: I know we have a lot going on, but remember we all still have an inner style that is just waiting for the perfect dress. It might not be this one, but there’s one out there. And it can change your life, at least for one night. Oh, and if you do want THIS PARTICULAR DRESS, you might still find it in-store in straight and plus-size.

Wishing you average, but beautiful and wonderful days and nights ahead. As always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts.