Lillie Ramirez

Last week we marked the birthday of the bikini. To celebrate, we asked Southern California-based writer Lillie Ramirez to come up with a poem about what it’s like to have a beach-ready body. Here’s “Song of a Beach Goddess.” Summer will never know what hit it. #BeFullyYou

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When I wear my bikini,

My stretch marks, chub-rub, my cellulite;

You wonder:

How can she walk around like that?

How is she not covering up her fat? 

The beach and I are alike

My fat rolls, my stretch marks became ocean waves

Kissing my body, the way the sun and moon do when they say good-bye

To the sea each day

The shake my big thighs make with each step I take

The warm, damp sand

The waves crashing against the shore.

And as the ocean breeze runs its fingers through my hair

Singing sweet nothings in my ear,

It was the day I decided that I was a beach goddess.

And you can’t take that away from me.

A beach goddess wouldn’t let you,

She’d just drown your efforts instead.

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