I'm a little late with this post, but this time I have a really good excuse!  Started working again this week after almost 6 months of unemployment. Thank you sweet baby Jesus. So yeah, those super early wake up calls, morning/evening commutes and getting use to a new routine has me a bit out of sort this week. I am so grateful to be working again, but I just can't stay up late working on the blog and then get up super early like I use to! Those days are gone, ah Fab 40's you making me look like an old lady....LOL Any how this month theme chosen by Diane is DIY!  I have wanted to do DIY on the blog for years. So many ideas swirling in my brain, I even have a box of stuff I bought for my DIY fashion post.  Nope, never happened so kinda glad the Fab 40's crew had this challenge for this month. I am still planning on doing a denim patch DIY, so lets cross our fingers it gets done this summer.
Since I am the queen of procrastination, this was my on the fly, done in an hour DIY!  I had a cool denim DIY idea in mind, but was missing a few pieces.  Since I am not one to quit or give up easily, I dug into the closet and found this big boxy camo tee the BF bought me.  I mentioned once I wanted a cool camo tee, yeah this was not it.  No worries DIY to the rescue.  The whole choker trend has been translated into t-shirts and I wanted to buy one any way, so why not just make my own. Viola!  Cool, camo, choker t-shirt coming right up! 
Originally I was only going to do the choker part, but it was still missing something. I wanted the tee to look a little more feminine and sexy. A few more snips to the sleeves to make it a cold shoulder top.  Yet something still seemed not quite right, well with scissors in hand, a few more snips turned into a bows at the sleeves. Now it was just right! I may do another choker tee and add some distressing.  I will definitely take more pics and even do a tutorial on my next DIY....promise!
Outfit DetailsDIY Camo T-shirt - UnbrandedFaux Leather Leggings - Old NavySuede Booties - Melrose & MarketSunnies - Burberry
Here are the ladies of The Fab 40's with their DIY looks
Totally love Ann's DIY denim jacket. Can't wait to make my own.
Diane also use a denim jacket, but went with tie-dye for her DIY. 
Jennie, Miss little over-achiever made 2 DIY items. She made the top and customized her jeans. 2 thumbs up from me! 
Mary from Curlybyrdie Chirps 
I am in love with Mary's jeans, they are too cool. I wonder if she will make me a pair....LOL 
Tracey is our guest blogger this month, from The Naughty Forty Diaries. She went with a simple, yet very cute patch tee. Also she added some cold shoulder details, like me!  Great minds, thats all I'm gonna say. 
Have you done any DIY fashion?
Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy these Fab 40's monthly post. Its always fun to collaborate with other awesome bloggers. Make sure you show all my Fab 40's buddies some love and check out their blogs.  Which DIY was your fave? I loved them and want to do more.