Once again I really need to apologise for not posting as regularly as I used to. Social media is so instant and easy, and so I tend to favour posting there over here. But I will endeavour to get more content on here! I really want to do a post about rats, more workout ideas and of course, more clothing and lingerie! I also need to do a round up of all the swimwear I wore on my recent jaunt to Greece! But I am getting ahead of myself – what I am here for today is to give you fit info about a gorgeous dress that you all went wild for on social media the other week – the Maria from Collectif.


I wore the dress to a few events in London, and I couldn’t walk more than two paces without someone admiring it or telling me I looked lovely! It really is a show stopper of a dress with it’s beautiful floral pastel print and lovely full skirt. I am wearing a size 18 as the dress has moderate stretch, and no shapewear is needed as it doesn’t cling or seem to go static. I think a 16 could also have worked, but I would probably have had quite a generous helping of cleavage!


The wrap bust is lovely, but it is one I am falling out of love with as of late. Big boobs mean that some necklines show my bra off a little too much, and the weight of my bust tend to pull it open somewhat. With this dress I wore an Ewa Michalak PL style, but the wrapover kept needing to be adjusted to stop too much showing. However, if you are good at sewing this could be easily remedied with a few stitches, or maybe a little cami underneath.


As you can see from my first photo, this dress looks lovely with flats (sadly mine are quite old ASOS!), or with heels as shown in my blog photos. It might be too much for most people to wear casually, but I do think it could definitely be dressed down or up depending on the occasion.


The V at the back is really lovely! It makes the dress easy to zip (although sometimes the lining turns out a little, so do be careful), and it’s quite cooling in a way!


I really love wooden jewellery with looks like this, and Lady Luck’s gorgeous collection provided a few stunning pieces to go with this little number. And as always, she has hair flowers in every shade, and so there were several perfect ones to go with this!


Where would you wear the striking Collectif Maria, and what sort of accessories would you pair with her?