It's time for another installment of The Fab 40's!  This month we took it a bit easy, Ann chose the theme, to create an outfit with our favorite color. Seems easy enough right?  Well immediately I knew the answer would be black for me. Some may argue black is not a real "color"  but hey for some of us it is! As usual I like to challenge my self a bit when doing the Fab 40's post each month. I decided not to go with black, since probably more than half of my wardrobe is black, this would indeed be a challenge.  OK so what other colors do I love.  One of my current faves is olive green, but nope couldn't put together a decent outfit with that color.  OK how about 3rd favorite, yup that will work! Can you guess what my 3rd fave color is?
You may think its red, but nope not a big fan of red. Unless its lipstick or nail polish, you will rarely see me in bright red anything.  I do however really like the color burgundy, maroon, ox blood and merlot. Call it what you will, but that deep red with hues of purple is one of my favorite colors! After looking in my closet for this post, I realized there are several burgundy color pieces in there.
One of those items being this awesome satin bomber jack I bought a few months ago. Its been in my closet for too long, the time has come to unveil it. How can you not love it, the color is gorgeous and it shows off my love of being a California girl!  Honestly I love this jacket so much, which is the reason I had not worn it. I am afraid to ruin it or get it stained!  That is why I have not worn it in months!!! Silly I know, but this is not a jacket which can easily be replaced. 
It just so perfectly me!  I have always been proud to say I'm a California Girl. Even though when you think of the stereotypical California girl, I am sure I do not come to mind.  Blond hair, blues eyes, tanned and toned body is probably the norm, non-Californians may picture. Hey guess what this great state of mine is very diverse and we have all types of beautiful people. I was born and raised in this state, my heart and soul are 100% pure California girl.  From the cool-laid back style, to the fun atmosphere and beautiful sunshine. I love being a California Girl.  So here is my favorite color burgundy for this months Fab 40's!
Outfit DetailsSatin Bomber Jacket: Ashley by 26 InternationalDenim Overalls: The GapBurgundy Tee: The RackShoes: Nike AirBag: Rebecca MinkoffSunnies: c/o Torrid
Here are the ladies of The Fab 40's with their favorite color
Mary from Curlybyrdie Chirps 
Samantha - Fake Fabulous
Who's your favorite color?
Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy these Fab 40's monthly post. Its always fun to collaborate with other awesome bloggers. Make sure you show all my Fab 40's buddies some love and check out their blogs.  Did you figure out what everyones fave colors are?