It’s been a happy time for gifting in the FFFB household as of late! And an even happier time when two of those items go so perfectly together – a Vintage Diva ‘Bombshell’ dress in 2XL, and a custom made Rosie Red underbust corset.

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Long time blog followers of mine will know how much I love a corset! I do not waist train or wear them regularly at all, but wearing one once in a blue moon on a night out, or on a shoot can create a different look – just like wearing high heels or false lashes. They are easy to move in, breathe in, and are only mildly uncomfortable if sitting in them for long periods of time. Rosie is just my favourite corsetier, and her custom pieces are like a second steel boned skin! This piece that I have will actually be worn under her forthcoming collection, and so happily it’s white and perfect with this dress. But she can make you anything you desire in any colourway! As you can see, I have some slight tummy push down from the corset – my fat has to go somewhere! I do try to pull my pooch up into the corset when getting it on – you can watch more about that here.

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A wiggle dress like this bombshell number is firstly, one of my favourite things, and secondly, just perfect with a corset underneath! I wore it out this week without the corset, and not only did I not spill my dinner all over it, I also got a tonne of compliments! But I definitely prefer it with the help of some steel bones! The dress is a lovely length on my 5’7 frame, and my measurements fall almost to the maximum 2XL measurements. It has a nice amount of stretch, but it isn’t skin tight and uncomfortable. I would maybe change just two things about the dress – I would stitch the neckline or make the wrap higher, as a larger bust can make it slightly more booby than expected at times. And I would also make it more fitted at the knee if it didn’t jeopardise being able to walk! But everything else is perfect! The zip, the sash, the sleeves!

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I was clearly quite a fan of the brick wall for these photos! But I couldn’t whittle them down any more as Robbie did such a lovely job with them! My shoes were an eBay find, and a hair tutorial can be found here. The bra worn for these photos was a Freya Deco, and Maidenform shorts worn over the corset help slightly conceal it and smooth out the lower tummy.

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I cannot wait to rock this look once again on a night out or at an event! Wearing white is only scary because it shows up spilt food, so I will just try to eat in a civilised manner!