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Most of you that follow me know that I love my heels but honestly most of the week, I wear flats. When I go to the office, shopping, or even sometimes out to eat — I’m in flats. Now with that said. All flats are not created equal.  Some are just easy on the feet but not on the eyes! Some flats can look tired, boring, unsturdy and plain inexpensive.

I know many of  my followers swear by flats and are not necessarily friends with heels. I’m with you guys, for the most part but when you wear flats I believe they should be a good pair of flats. To help identify your perfect flats, I’ve compiled 5 things to look for when shopping for them.

Size Make sure that you purchase flats in your correct size. When I buy flats I always size up. If I can find a wide width pair, I will buy my regular size but for regular (m) width, I almost always get an 11. These Rockport flats I’m wearing are “golden” because they come in wide width and they go up to size 11. Correct fit is one of the things that affect the way your shoe will look and how well it will wear.

Style Choose a pair of flats that are visually appealing. You do not have to buy boring flats. I personally steer away from round toe options and usually go for something pointed or in between a round and pointed toe.  I love the lace up detail and the gold heel (thats what sold me) on this pair. They are dressy enough for the office or brunch and casual enough for the grocery store.

Quality I’m just going to put this out there. Don’t buy the cheapest flat you find. You will likely be in pain and you’ll have to buy 20 dollar flats over and over again. Whether you wear flats on occasion or for every occasion, you don’t want to sour your look with a tired flat. I can tell the difference between my inexpensive flats and my quality flats. How can you tell their quality? Some things to consider are the material, the weight, the sole, and the cushion. These Rockport flats have the best cushion I’ve ever experienced.  Need I say more?

Color If you are going to buy one pair of flats, let them be neutral. These are a great taupe color that can go a lot of different ways. I always make sure I have a nude/taupe and a black pair before I venture out to other colors. Make sure your basics are covered. There are many times when people ask me what kind/color shoe to wear with a particular outfit and when I tell them black, they say they don’t have a black shoe. What girl, you have pink, stripe, floral, yellow, orange and no black?! Stop it guys, lol!

I’m wearing the Rockport Total Motion Adelyn Ghillie. They are super duper comfortable and stylish. These can take you from the train, to the job, and to dinner without ever having to change shoes. What’s even better is that they go up to a size 11 wide width. I got them at Zappos, one of my favorite places to shop online for shoes because they have everything and a great return policy.



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