I’m 6 months in and there are so many items that I wish I had added to my baby registry before my bundle of joy arrived. I was so overwhelmed when I went to register because I literally had no idea what I needed.

I was a scanning mess, guys! Although Creed is only 5 months old, I feel like he’s been here forever already and I am now a self-proclaimed newborn expert. If you’re expecting or just need to get a gift for the next baby shower, I’ve rounded up 5 registry must haves.



I’m not complaining but when I had my main baby shower, I got one or two boxes of diapers. That is all. I got smart with my work baby shower and asked them to only get diapers and wipes. I know what you’re, thinking… diapers are boring. Trust me, you will come to love and adore boring! You get so many clothes (some you may or may not ever use) and blankets you don’t know what to do with but diapers are gold, especially good ones. I obviously prefer Pampers. I’ve tried other brands and it only took Creed one time to wake up in his bassinet in a puddle for me to jump back on the Pamper train. #PampersMom

White Onesies

I have bought more white onesies than I can count. Creed pretty much wears one every day up under his clothes and sleepwear. I just feel better when he has one on for some reason.


Nose Frida

Two weeks in and Creed’s nose gets stuffy and he starts freaking out. So I tell Mike and he tells me to call the doctor to find out if I could bring him to the office so a nurse could relieve him of conjestion. I called and they said no, lol. I’m so glad I knew what the Nose Frida was. The only problem was that I didn’t have one. Do yourself a favor and put it on your registry.


Baby Medicine

This may sound trivial but when something is wrong with your little nugget you don’t want to have to run to the store, especially if you’re still recovering. I was so happy that any medicine we have ever needed for Creed we received as a gift at our shower. God Bless the angel that gave us all the baby medicine. Some of the items we received were Mylicol (for gas), Gripe water (multi use) Baby Tylenol, Saline, Teething ointment.



This thing saved us. Originally Creed was sleeping in his bassinet in our room but we were always getting up to check on him, feed him, put his paci back in his mouth, etc. It was #teamnosleep My sister-in-law suggested getting a co-sleeper and we immediately bought it and it changed everything. I was originally against co-sleeping but when you’re super tired you don’t care anymore. Also, it forces him out of your bed because they’ll grow out of this in a few months.

So where to register? I registered at a couple of different places. My favorite site to register was Amazon simply because they have everything under the sun.  A lot of the items I wanted are not sold anywhere else. Unfortunately, no one shopped my amazon registry. I also registered at Babies r Us and Target and those are the two places most people shopped. The great thing is that when you end up purchasing items from your own registry you receive a discount. Also returns are super easy.


I hope this list is helpful to you. I know I wish I could have read a post like this beforehand.

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