Hello, did you miss me? I missed you, such a long time since my last post.  A girl sometimes needs to take a break, life can get in the way of blogging. I have returned this month with a Fab 40's post. You know where me and my awesome bloggers buddies over 40 show you how to rock a different themed look every month. So last month I missed out on the very cool and fun Pop Art theme Samantha from Fake Fabulous chose. You can see more about it here.
This month we are showing you a modern day interpretation of a Disney princess.  Thanks Sheela for a fun and challenging theme this month.  When I hear the word princess, my first and natural reaction is "Eh", I have never wanted to be a princess. Even as a child I did not want to be a princess, dress up as a princess or certainly never dreamed of being rescued by a prince. 
After some soul searching and googling I decided the princess who spoke to me and I related to most is Pocahontas.  Why? Well if you have seen the Disney Pocahontas movie you will know that she's really not a princess.  Pocahontas does not look or act like a traditional princess. She is best known for saving an English man (John Smith) from her own tribe. This is why I love her, she saves the man.  Yes Pocahontas is no damsel in distress waiting to be saved by any one. 
Pocahontas is described as curious, determined, resourceful, free-spirited, independent, caring and peaceful just to name a few.  I like to think I have some of these same characteristics.  Even as a child I was drawn to more non-traditional female roles.  Definitely never have I wanted to be rescued or saved by "prince charming", have always been very independent and usually am the peace maker of the group. Those seem be Pocahontas like traits don't you think!
Another reason I am drawn to Pocahontas, is she is one of the few non-white princesses.  She was the first Disney character that was not light skinned, with light colored eyes and blonde hair. She was brown skinned, she dressed differently and came from a different culture.  Being a Latina her character spoke to me.  Although I have light skin, which is the only similarity to a princess.  I am different from most traditional views of beauty. I am not too girly, rarely will you see me wear a dress, or anything too fancy. I hate anything too sparkly, shiny or glittery...also hate the color pink!  What kind of princess would I make?  Probably not a very good one, just like Pocahontas. My style is much more simple and easy.  I don't really consider my self a hippie, but I am more drawn to nature and natural things. I am more comfortable being outdoors with nature than in a stuffy castle acting all prim and proper. 
For my look I kept it simple and tried to channel a Pocahontas vibe. I found this super cute ivory dress with some boho details. Added my fringe and beaded sandals, which screamed Pocahontas to me.  I added a rose gold leaf headband as my "crown" and a few turquoise accessories to complete the look.  I don't know about you, but this looks and feels very Coachella to me.  Which is what my BF said, I look like I'm ready for a music festival!  Do you agree?
Here are the ladies of Fab 40's with their princess looks 
Sheela from Sheela Writes
Sheela is the princess of the month, or shall I say her turn to choose the theme. Can you guess who her princess inspiration is? The one and only Belle from Beaty and Beast. She looks gorgeous and regal in her rose gown, definitely a beauty! 
Mary from Curlybyrdie Chirps 
Mary and I seem to have been on the same princess wave length.  She wins this one in my opinion, Mary gives a more modern and stylish Pocahontas. She chose this princess in honor or her grandmother and Native American heritage.
Samantha from Fake Fabulous
Sam is the coolest looking princess I have ever seen!  She's a very cool Elsa from Frozen. I am loving her interpretation of icy cold Elsa with those tights under the jeans.  WOW Sam this a hot look for a princess!!
Diane from Fashion On The 4th Floor 
Diane is such a cutie, always has a great smile. This lady really went outside the fashion box for her princess inspiration and went another route. You won't know just by her look, so you better go read what she has to say. Regardless Diane always looks great and stylish no what her inspiration. 
Ann from Kremb De La Kremb
Ann the resident rebel also went with a non Disney princess. She chose an actual real princess. Yup thats princess Stephanie of Monaco. Such a fun look for a royal, who else can pull off an LBD, gloves, fishnets and loafers...Ann can!
Jennie from Pocketful of Polkadots 
Jennie knows its better under the sea, get it!  Ok bad joke but how adorable is her Little Mermaid look. She obviously is channeling Ariel as her princess inspiration.  What a fun and fabulous look Jennie!!  
Shelbee from Shelbee On The Edge
Shelbee is our guest blogger this month.  Can you guess her princess inspo?  She's Merida from Brave looking all modern and fierce. I hate to admit this is one Disney princess I am not to familiar with and have not seen the movie. Shelbee rocked it out and looks so good as Merida. 
Who's your favorite Disney Princess?
Did you enjoy this months Fab 40's theme?  Next month is my turn to choose a theme. Hmm what shall it be, you're gonna have to come back the last Monday of them to find out. Make sure you go to all the Fab 40's ladies blogs to read about their princess inspired looks. These ladies have inspired me so much and I look forward to the style challenges each month. Give them all some blog love, click those links and get all the details on their looks for this month.