If you follow me on social media, you will have seen that Lady Voluptuous recently released a floral tonne of gorgeous new dresses. I thought I would briefly talk you through some of the new styles and show you them on a corset free me!

LV1 The Liliana Dress

Let’s start with my favourite of the new dresses – Liliana! I am wearing a size 16 here which is pretty impressive as my arms usually require a larger size in non stretch fabrics. The firm bust and cute sleeves do an absolutely admirable job at keeping my Ewa Michalak clad bust aloft, and I really like the longer length. The style gives it a Spanishy feel, and it will be perfect for the summer!

LV2 The Ursula Dress

You guys know how much I love the famed Ursula dress! And so what could be better than a swing version of the style! With it’s wrapover bust, cute sleeves and kitsch patterns I can see it being a favourite at weddings and events in the coming months. I am wearing a 16 in this, and an 18 would also be a good boob fit.

LV3 The Evie Dress

I am wearing a 16 in this, which just about fits the boobies in. The sleeves are nice and roomy, and how stunning is this print?! The sweetheart neckline makes it quite versatile, and it works with or without a petticoat.

LV4 The Lyra Dress

I know, I know! The Lyra isn’t new, but I think it’s worth showing her off again as people love her! The fabric is stretchy which is a win, and the style is perfect for pregnant or nursing mamas. Plus, these new prints are dreamy!

LV5 The Rosa Dress

Sleeves! A big tick for so many of you! Rosa also has a little waistband which adds to that lovely silhouette. The pleats at the waist make the skirt nice and full with or without a petticoat.

LV6 The Estella Dress

Estella is back with a little sleeve revamp! As with all the other dresses, I am wearing her in a 16, but the arms are pretty tight on me. It’s not unbearable, but I will say that some might need to size up. The stitched wrapped bust is so flattering if you have got a sizeable chest.

So there you have it! A brief round up of a few of the new Lady Voluptuous styles. Which one is your favourite?