Travel is my love language, lol! I’m always down for a trip. My husband gets so tired of me suggesting weekend trips and vacation destinations.  While I love traveling with my family, there is nothing like traveling with a couple of your favorite friends, especially plus-size friends. Me and a couple plus-size bloggers took a trip sponsored by Catherine’s to Playa del Carmen, Mexico and it changed the way I think about travel.

Have you ever been at at hotel/resort and realized you possibly were the only plus-size woman there (raises hand). You can instantly feel like you have to take a stand by yourself and fight for your right to be in a two-piece next to the size 0.  I’ve caught many an evil eye. People are still shocked by a plus-size woman in a trendy bathing suit

Traveling with your plus-size boos,  provides instant backup. We were walking thru the Blue Diamond Riveria like we owned it. Hair tossing and looking at gawkers like, CASH ME OUSSIDE!!!

ROMPER: My romper is in fact a swimsuit. Perfect for spending time in or by the pool. It provides a little coverage without compromising style or functionality. I love that you can go from the beach or pool straight to lunch without changing. 

When you go somewhere like Mexico with crystal blue water and the sun beaming down on your back of course you want to have some fun in the water. Excursions are better when you’re around people who have the same thoughts as you. Will this Jet Ski hold me? Can the man helping actually lift me up? So many questions. When you’re with your plus size squad you definitely won’t be the girl that had to stay on the beach because you were too big to participate. If one of you can’t participate chances are none of you can, lol. Well, we all had a blast jet skiing. I’m not going to lie, I was a little scared and I even rode with Maddie for a few minutes (she’s my safe place)  but she set me out on my own and I was rolling after that.CHEVRON ONEPIECE: I love the print on this suit!!! It just has all the luxe vibes and I felt so cute in it. Can totally wear this one on all day adventure. Can go from breakfast, to the beach, to the market and back to the beach! 

Bike riding while plus is an adventure in it self. We rode through the resort which ended up being our main source of transportation.  If it wasn’t for my spin class I would have had a problem.OTS TOP : I’m sucker for off the shoulder top and I love that this one can be worn either way. Off the shoulder up or on them. The capris are vacation staples.

So I’m not a yogi but I’ll try most anything on a trip. I’m so glad my squad was with me. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I didn’t have Kelly to bring my arm behind me back to grab my foot. Of course I did the same for her.ACTIVEWEAR: I’m could have stayed in the leggings the entire trip. So comfy and very functional. They provide support and held me tight when I attempted  the advanced positions the instructor threw at me. 

Exploring the resort and city was such a treat. Of course we were scouting cool places for photos and did a little shopping. We had a time trying to find some plus-size “fashions” at the market! SKIRT & TOP 1 | SKIRT & TOP 2: I love separates for trips like these because you can mix n match and were a piece multiple times but in different ways! I know the first look, looks like a dress but is actually a top and skirt. 

All these activities left us pretty hungry. Dinners at the resort where always so fun. Even though there’s an overall casual atmosphere at the resort, it so fun to get a little bit dressed up. It was so nice that no one judged me for ordering two entrees (they were small)!

DINNER DRESS 1 & 2: I love a little color splash, especially when having dinner at a tropical destination. These dresses provide a little punch and flair and honestly work for day or night. 


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