Hey Guys, I’m so excited to bring you all into my home to show you a little bit how we do Christmas at my house!! This is our first Christmas in this house so it’s not exactly what I envisioned but it’s still turned out so cute.

I always have a lot of questions about my tree decor. Honestly I had never seen trees decorated this elaborate (except at the mall) until I moved to the South. Christmas trees are a big thing here and I jumped right in. Im never opposed to making things more fabulous. My tree bulbs are from various decor stores around town.  They are boutique furniture stores that turn into Winter wonderlands during this time of the year.  I have no idea where you guys can get them locally (especially if you don’t live in the south) but I recently found out that Wayfair sells these large bulbs. You just have to pay attention to the sizing.  I believe my huge bulbs are about 6 inches so you can use that as a reference. You will also need a good amount of ribbon. I used about three rolls of 3 inch thick fabric ribbon. You can probably find this on Wayfair or Walmart as well.

My friend Kris has a super easy wreath tutorial. I did both my wreaths in about 90 minutes and it only cost me 20 bucks. I got everything to make the wreaths from Walmart.

Link to DIY door reef: Miss  Kris

I purchased my wrapping paper from TJ Maxx and Home Goods. They have the best paper. Its super thick and so pretty.

Hope you guys like. I think I will do this annually. With that said, I can’t wait until next year lol

Merry Christmas!!!!!

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