frankbodycoconut I’ve been a huge fan of Frank Body’s original coffee scrub for awhile now, and when they launched their skin care kit I was blown away (and wrote about it here!) A few months ago, they came out with another kit called Babe Island; it includes a coconut body scrub and coconut body balm. You guys. I cannot overstate my love for both of these products. The scrub is much like the original–it’s coffee based and exfoliates your bod, but with the added bonus of the yummy scent and moisture that comes from the coconut oil.


The coconut body balm is in-sane. As I’ve mentioned before, I can thank my father for my really dry skin, and this stuff is the real deal. I thought I’d exhausted my options when it came to creams and oils, but the coconut body balm not only smells amazing, but delivers. Somehow its mix of coconut oil, coffee seed oil, jojoba oil, squalene and shea butter is mixed with just the right amounts so that you get a ton of moisture without feeling oily – it absorbs into your skin and leaves you glowing–especially post scrub!


These two products together are a game changer. While my skin was already baby soft from the scrub, adding the coconut balm took it to another level! Literally, my only problem with the products is that I wish they came in bigger packaging because I’m going to use them…a lot. (Now might be a good time to admit I’m a bit biased because coconut is my favorite fruit, BUT so many “tropical coconut” products have that fake, too-sweet smell and this is the total opposite).

This kit is 100% perfect to bring on your next island getaway, but it can also bring that tropical feeling to you when you’re at home. Since I didn’t have any major trips planned, I decided to take a little staycation with Frank at one of my favorite LA hotels.

frankbody4 franknew12 frankbody1 frankbody7 frankbody11frankbody10 frankbody5 frankbody6 The last thing I will say is that now that I’ve tried so many Frank Body products and love each and every one of them, they have a lifelong fan in me. I’m convinced that every new thing they come out with will be major, and now I’m tempted to go buy the few items from them that I haven’t tried yet (I need that lip scrub and balm, stat!)

This post is sponsored by Frank Body, but my love for these products is oh so real.