Mark’s is Canada’s #1 retailer for jeans but they also have a wide selection of outerwear for men and women.  Getting a good, sturdy coat for the Winter has been on my to do list for years now. In fact, I’ve been using the same thin jacket for years now and each Canadian winter I ask myself why I haven’t switched over to something more appropriate. Fashion, to be honest, is the main reason I haven’t. Thankfully, Mark’s swooped in before we were hit with -1c weather and asked me to review their outerwear. I couldn’t jump at the opportunity fast enough.

Mark’s has a wide selection of national brands like WindRiver, Columbia, FarWest, and Helly Hansen. There is a selection of outwear for every activity from winter hiking to stylish coats you can wear on the walk to the office. And guess what? They’ll actually keep you warm, and cozy. The second I laid eyes on this jacket, I had to slip it on. Its absolutely perfect for me and my needs. Not only do I get a coat that will actually keep me warm (can we talk about that hood?) but I don’t have to forgo my style to do so. I’m absolutely in love and have been wearing it non-stop since.

For reference, I’m wearing the largest size in this coat (a 2x) and it is a bit on the snug side. However, it fits me comfortably and I don’t feel restricted in my movement at all. This coat is currently on sale for nearly half the price I got it for, so go grab yours before they’re gone!




Jacket: Marks Boots: Marks