My father and oldest brother loved going to the Auto Show every year. I have so many memories of going with them to the LA Auto Show from a very young age. We would spend all day looking at the latest models and sitting in as many cars possible, dreaming of one day owning a brand new shiny car.  My brother and dad are no longer with us, and its been almost 20 years since I last attended an auto show. My BF's sister gave us tickets to attend the final weekend of the Auto Show. We decided to make a day out of it, spending time in Downtown LA and enjoying the Auto Show.  We took the bus from OC to LA, I really wanted to avoid driving to DTLA, I do so much driving all week long for work. Also parking is quite expensive in LA, so for just a few dollars we enjoyed a stress free ride to LA. The day turned out to be rainy and cold, so I was glad not to drive. By the time we arrived in LA the skies had cleared, all that was left was a crisp chill in the air. Perfect weather for a day in downtown LA.  
Once we arrived to LA, we were hungry and walked over to LA Live for some brunch. We ate at Tom's Urban restaurant and had some yummy food. I hightly recommend the Crispy Chicken and Cornbread Pancake. We then headed over to the JW Marriott hotel to have some coffee at the cafe and hang out in the lobby. We like to go have coffee in different lobbies of the fancier hotels.  Its fun to people watch, makes you feel like you are on vacation too! While we were in the lobby enjoying our Illy coffee, the hotel was setting up the holiday decor. Watching huge Christmas trees and lights being set up, along with the cold windy day really got me in the holiday spirit.
We finally made our way to the Auto Show, walked around to different car displays.  We had to make a special stop at Toyota to see the new Prius. I currently drive a Prius and love my little hybrid car. While we're there, Toyota had a presentation for the new Prius Prime, its a beauty and makes me want to trade in my current Prius. They were giving away a few prizes and guess who won a prize...ME ME!  I won a prize for showing my Toyota keys, they gave me a cool little Toyota backpack. I quickly dug out the keys from my bag and was the first one to show off my key. I love winning prizes, now if I had only won a new car, this would have been a way cooler story...Oh well I am happy with my prize either way. 
Seems like just yesterday I was complaining of the weather being too warm and not being able to wear fall outfits. Well the past weeks its been chilly, rainy and windy in LA. No more complaining from me, finally taking out my sweaters, jackets and boots for a spin. Since I knew we would be walking a lot, I wanted to be comfy and also keep warm. I wore my BOOM sweater from the Phillip Lim for Target Collab. Actually this is suppose to be a sweater dress, it came a with a ruffle at the bottom. I didn't really like how the sweater dressed looked on me, but I loved the graphic. So I went into DIY mode and removed the bottom chiffon ruffle thingy.  BOOM a new sweater was born! Also made it look a bit different than how all the other bloggers wore it. This Phillip Lim collection was very popular and every fashion blogger wore it to death.  So yeah mine was different and customized. 
Outfit DetailsBoom Graphic Sweater: Phillip Lim for Target (old)Red Jeans: Jessica Simpson via Macy'sAnorak Jacket: Ava & Viv from Target Hiking Boots: Alpine 
Since I made the change to switch the linkup to Saturday, I am also changing the fave links.  I really did want to feature other bloggers who linkup, but choosing 5 bloggers each week is turning out to be challenging. Especially when you have the same dozen bloggers linking up each week. I truly am happy to see the same bloggers return each week to link up, but that means you will probably see the same people being featured. Also the sake  of time to make sure I get post done and published by Saturday morning, I am going to only choose 3 fave links to feature from now.  Thank you to all you beautiful bloggers who take the time to read and linkup to my blog! Have a happy Saturday! 
Here are 3 of my favorite looks from last weeks linkup
Kim from Champagneista is wearing this awesome plaid top. I really love the simplicity of her outfit, but with that ruffle plaid top, it makes it so chic and festive! 
Rena from Fine Whatever look so cool in this black and white outfit. I really love the subtle touch of sparkle with her sequin jacket. Also wearing oxfords instead of heels make this look a bit more edgy and modern. 
Sammy from Bargain Baglady, is a girl who knows how to bargain shop, thrift shop and make it all look so cute.I had to feature her because like me she can spot a fashion bargain and loves to tell the world how little she paid for it! 
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