Over the past 7 years since I started blogging, I've met many other bloggers. Mostly at events and conferences. Some have been local, living in the same state of just a few cities over. A few I became friendly with and would interact with online via social media.  Recently I met a group of bloggers who live in the same county and are also plus fashion bloggers. We formed a group on Facebook and decide to meet up just for fun. First meet up was in September to get to know each other and talk about our blogs and goals. We all hit it off and decided to have more meet ups. Its so refreshing to meet blogger you can relate to and connect with. This is what I was needing in my life, I came seriously close to quitting my blog at the beginning of the year. You can read about it here.  I decided to it stick out one more year and see how I can grow the blog and evolve.  Meeting bloggers who are local in the same niche and have similar goals has helped and given me new ideas and inspiration for the blog. 
Early in November we had our meet up #2, this time we decided to help each other with photos for our blogs. Not everyone has someone to take their pictures, or can afford a professional photographer. Although many bloggers have their spouses or significant other take their pictures, not all enjoy doing it. Honestly some are not great at it either, so getting decent shots for the blog can be challenging.  Who better to take your pictures than another blogger. We understand each other and know it takes more than 3-5 pictures to get the right shot. Who else will understand you need to take dozens of picture to get a few good ones for the blog. The struggle is really people to take pictures on a regular basis, making sure all the elements are just right for that one great shot! This was my first time having another blogger take my outfit pictures.
We all met up and had lunch at the Anaheim Packing House, which has many cool back drops for photos. We all took turns taking each others pictures, helping with poses and making sure our outfits looked just right on camera.  It was so much fun, we all were each others stylist and photographers. Making sure no hair was out of place, the lighting wast just right and of course our outfits were poppin for the camera! Having blogger buddies who know and understand the process and work that goes into blogging is essential. This past year I have been collaborating more with other bloggers like with the Fab 40s group and now with OC+ bloggers. Finding bloggers who you can connect with and collaborate with has proven to be the missing link for my blog. 
Outfit DetailsTiger Sweater: HMBlack Jeggings: Levi'sBoots: Michael Kors 
Let me introduce you to my new blogger buddies from our OC Plus Bloggers Group
Bianca from Bianca KarinaShe's a foodie, world travel and all around fun gal. Check out her blog for fashion, travel and foodie adventures.
Nina from Curvy ModShe's a bit shy, but once you to know her you will discover her sense of humor. Check out her blog for style and body positive inspiration. 
Janeane from Designing From My ClosetShe's my fellow 40+ fashion blogger showing you can love your self and style at any age. Check out her blog for how to style inspiration and tips to help get out of your comfort zone. 
If you don't already know theses ladies and blogs, go read their blogs and check out their social media accounts. I am happy and grateful to have met them, I'm looking forward to doing more collabs. Blogging is much more fun with friends!
* Thank you Bianca for being my photographer for this fun fall fashion photo shoot.