Unless you’re a new reader (hello, and welcome!) you will know that I love love LOVE vintage style clothing. And so when new brand Joanie Clothing contacted me offering me some dresses to review, I nearly bit their hands off! The brand currently makes clothes in sizes 8-26 with no division (ie no wiggle or fun dresses for plus sizes), they use absolute BABE Em from Terrible Tumbles as a model and their photos are just so fun and full of life!

I have to say, I found it really hard to whittle my wish list down to two dresses, but I eventually settled on the Odette Cocktail Print Dress and the Starr Cross Front Tulle Dress. The lovely Christine from the brand recommended that with my measurements I should try a 22 in both, as they are stretch free styles. The dresses arrived a few days later, and a 22 had indeed been the perfect recommendation. A 20 could have worked, but given that the waists weren’t drowning me and there wasn’t much breathing room left at the bust in both, I was happy with the 22s. I also had a lovely surprise in the parcel – an Olivia shrug that would go perfectly with both dresses.

dsc_0098 dsc_0090 dsc_0075

I was so impressed by the Starr Cross Front Tulle Dress. It was cut so perfectly over the bust, the little bow detail sat in the exact right place and wasn’t too full on or fussy. The spot mesh just finished the girlie frock off perfectly, and as you will see in the photos of me from behind, I am wearing a regular strapped bra that doesn’t really show much at all from the front – so it’s up to you what you want to wear with it undercracker wise.

dsc_0096 dsc_0080 dsc_0076

I really liked the shrug, and I think when I wear it again I might add a little brooch to the front of it to close it and really help bring it in at my waist. It is fully lined and doesn’t scratch or dig in whatsoever. I have worn sequin items before, and in addition to finding wayward sequins in the bag when it arrives, you will often find that the sequins flake off within minutes. But I am happy to report that these sequins on the Olivia shrug feel super secure and we had no shedders at all!

dsc_0095 dsc_0078 dsc_0106

Who doesn’t love a cocktail?! And so who wouldn’t love the Odette Cocktail Print Dress!!

dsc_0059 dsc_0023 dsc_0058

I wore this dress out on Friday and I got so many compliments! Half of my night was spent in a rock club where I stood out like a sore thumb in my vintage outfit, but everyone was so sweet and complimentary! And these photos were taken the following day – the fully lined dress holds up well after a night of rocking out to Finch and MCR!

dsc_0014 dsc_0048 dsc_0007

I teamed this with a no longer available faux fur scarf – but Joanie do sell an Antonia Faux Fur Stole if you want to recreate this look. As you know I do love a belt! And so this gold metal belt was the perfect simple accessory. As the dress is high necked, I am all about balancing that out with a cinched silhouette, and the thickness of the fabric really only leant itself to a thinish belt.

dsc_0054 dsc_0047 dsc_0022

I really love the shine of the dress! It just makes it look so luxurious and elegant. The print is very cute, but not overly kitsch and in your face – because as much as I love that, sometimes I also love understated things.

What do you thing of gorgeous new brand Joanie Clothing? Are they a brand you have tried or would like to try? Which item is your favourite? I’d love to know!

*This is a sponsored post. My fee always covers my exposure and reach. It NEVER sways my opinion.*