Earlier this year I decided to make some changes in my life, nothing that would be noticeable right away. I didn't lose weight, I didn't change my hair or appearance.  I haven't moved or changed jobs, nothing anyone would be able to tell a difference.  The changes have been internal, mental and emotional.  These changes have been a long time coming and were very much needed for my soul. The one major change was I started to live in gratitude, being mindful of everything in my life. Doesn't seem like a big change, but for me it has been huge. I always thought of my self as optimistic and a cheerful person, but I wasn't really being authentic. Changes needed to be made and I realized it was up to me to set the path for change.  I noticed my self feeling unmotivated, not truly being happy with my self or life. Not because my life was awful or bad in any way, but because I was dissatisfied in my self.
I really need to step back and see the whole picture of my life.  For a while now, I kept seeing my self lacking things in life.  I was lacking a great job, a career, I was lacking financial security, and I was lacking adventure.  These are all things I wanted and thought I deserved in my life, but didn't have.  I kept focusing on all the things I didn't have, but wanted. I was feeling envious and dare I say even jealous of other on social media. Social media is a tricky beast everyone loves it, but we don't realize it not always REAL! I am not blaming social media for my unhappiness, but it did make envy what others have or what they are doing.  It made me think why am I not traveling the world, why don't I have the latest technology or latest fashion...WHY WHY WHY! Once I realized my thoughts were focusing on what others had or did, it made me feel sad and even a bit depressed. This isn't something I have shared with many others, if fact I haven't share with anyone. I wanted to share it on the blog because I know there may be other people who feel the same.  I didn't like who I was becoming and the thoughts running through my mind.  This is not who I am or wanted to be, something had to be done, no one could do it for me and I was ready to evolve. 
It started with a book, many years ago I read The Secret.  I am sure most people have heard of the The Secret, a book about thinking positively and positive things will come to you. There is much more to this book, but in essence its about manifesting what you want in life with your thoughts. I remember seeing the author on Oprah in early 2007, I was blown away by the concept and ideas. I wanted to believe what I read and use it in my life. However it wasn't until earlier this year all these ideas and concepts came together for me. Recently I read another book called E-Squared by Pam Grout. Her book E-Squared took all the ideas and concepts I first heard about from The Secret and simplified them. Pam Grout gives you actual experiments to prove these concepts work. For all those doubters and pessimists who don't believe, she made it easy and simple to test her theories. After the first experiment I was hooked! It worked and I knew there was no turning back on this new life journey. Pam's book is easy to read and follow, when other books on this topic seemed to confuse and only made me have more questions than answers.  So far I have read 3 of her books and each one made me believe even more. I know now that my happiness is all up to me, and no one else can make me unhappy. I know now that I do have a great life filled with great people and great adventures.  I know now my job may not be where I want to be, but it will help me get there.  I know now that all my negative thoughts about my self and life were not real.  I had created a negative vision of my self and my life, and I was it making reality. 
Since reading all 3 books from Pam Grout, I have done many of the experiments from her books. I have seen great results and my attitude has changed about my self and life. The biggest change has been how I view my self and being grateful for all that I have. Being thankful for who I am and seeing everyone and everything in a positive and loving light. A few little changes have made a major impact on me and my views on life.  I started to mediate, keep a gratitude journal and have been mindful about every aspect in my life. These changes have not occurred overnight and there are still days where I regress to my old patterns and thoughts. Now I recognize those old negative thought patterns and quickly switch it around. This has been an on going change, everyday I am still learning and growing. My focus is now on gratitude for what I have and for the people around me. Making these simple changes have made me happier, more positive and confident. Today I wanted to share with you how I have changed.  Today I wanted to say thank you to every one who reads my blog. I want to say how grateful I am to have met many other blogger, who have become friends. I have been blessed with many gifts and experiences because of my blog. Now I know there is nothing I need or am lacking in life. Everything I ever wanted or needed, has been there all along. All I needed to do is realize what I have and who I am. 
Outfit DetailsBlouse: Want & Need via Nordstrom Rack $12Ponte Leggings: c/o AvenueLong Cardigan: Old Navy $18Boots: Michael Kors (old)Heart Earrings: Betsey Johnson (old)Sunnies: gift from my sister (unbranded)
I hope in sharing some of my thoughts and experience it can help at least one person. Some one may be needing the changes I needed. Some one may be in the same spot I was months ago. I highly recommend reading Pam Grout's books, E-Squared, E-Cubed and Thank and Grow Rich; these 3 books were the catalyst for me and have helped me greatly. I definitely feel different and have a great new outlook on life. This is not a sponsored post, I don't have affiliate links to the books. I really wanted to share how reading these book made a impact and difference in my life and hope it can help someone else too. 
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