I have always had a penchant for bright colours and gorgeous prints, and so when I came across the brand Grass Fields I fell head over heels in love!

The brand uses fabrics from Cameroon, Nigeria and Benin and they are certainly beautiful and eye catching! Their models are stunning, and one of them has the most gorgeous petite curvy figure, and she can sell me anything!

I recently bought a few items in their sale, and found that 2XL is probably the best fit for me. The material is lovely and stiff, for want of a better word, which means it keeps its shape well and doesn’t cling or go static.

dsc_0690 dsc_0744

I have to confess that I bought the dress in a XL and the skirt in a 3XL as they were the best size options in the sale. My clever seamstress used some of the fabric from the sleeves to slightly take the dress out at the bust, and the skirt is loose, but in no danger of falling down over my large bottom!

dsc_0750 dsc_0693

These are the kind of items that could be perfect at all times of year, and dressed up or down depending on the occasion. I recently wore the dress with some pumps and a denim jackets over the top, but I also think that adding heels and a blingy belt could make it the perfect wedding outfit, and of course it would look amazing thrown over a bikini on the beach! The skirt is such a lovely fit, and as I said it doesn’t cling. The slit is a lovely feature, and because the skirt is quite full it isn’t too obvious, but you get a cheeky flash of leg every so often.

dsc_0707 dsc_0761

Special thanks to my bestie Lisa for these photos and putting up with me monkeying about! What a gem!

I have got a few more Grass Fields items en route to me, so keep an eye on my Instagram if you want to see what I went for, and click here to spend all your money on gorgeous African printed clothing.