Diwali just ended and it was beautiful🙂 It was heartwarming to spend time with family, especially my nephews. As always there was delicious food to be had, sweet meats and yummy food. What I loved most was spending time with my 11 mth old nephew, babies really make me smile!

Last year, I wasn’t feeling the Diwali spirit and didn’t feel like dressing up. This year I decided to make up for it and planned not one but three Diwali looks. It took me 2 months to plan these looks, had so much dressing up and shooting for them!

Lunch at the In-laws


Yumi Plus Skater Dress With Tie Back in Border PrintUK size 20

Black choker with iridescent pendant – (similar one Here)


img_0808 img_0805

Its not a traditional ethnic look, but it has ethnic accents that I love, and its made in India (no surprises there, a common occurrence for stores from the West). Instead of traditional jewellery, I opted for the choker. It was the perfect outfit for lunch at the in-laws.

Little Details

img_0812 img_0810 img_0811


For makeup, I went for pink hued eye shadow and a chocolate lip cream from Nyx cosmetics.



Dinner at the folks place 


Asos Curve Maxi Dress With Mirror Embellished Top – UK 20

Pearl Jhumki earrings, Maayra Jewellery (Etsy)

See what I mean about stores in the West sourcing from the East? I was so surprised when I chanced upon this in the store. Well, it landed back in my Indian hands so its come full circle lol!

img_0797 img_0790 img_0801

Beautiful isn’t it? I love the mirror detail, it’s very popular in Rajasthan. And I love the halter top.

Little Details

img_0784 img_0803 img_0779 img_0781 img_0824

These earrings are so precious, I went with a vibrant shade of blue to complement and maroon lipstick. My feet were hurting after the busy day, so these were my shoes of choice lol! It cracked my dad and sis up!



Diwali this evening at home

So after visiting our loved ones yesterday, we celebrated Diwali at home with a simple Lakshmi Puja (prayer to Goddess Lakshmi) and the lighting of diyas (oil lamps) around the home.


Boohoo Plus Embroidered Hem Maxi Dress, uk size 20 (similar one Here)

I recall a gown that I adored from store Igigi called the Lakshmi (ironic!) but it was much too pricey for me. This dress seemed like quite a decent version of the gown, so I thought it was fitting to get it for Diwali. It comes in two layers – a simple midi camisole, a net maxi dress with this beautiful hem. So it isn’t troublesome to wear, and isn’t as heavy as the Asos gown. I added Indian accents with my bangle and jhumka earrings bought a long time back in India.

img_0828 img_0835


Little Details 

img_0845 img_0837 img_0838

I decided to go with a smoky effect for eye makeup, with a pop of pink for the lips.


This year has been about figuring out a new normal. Diwali has been the beginning of my new normal, in ways I will speak of sometime.

Halloween cometh tomorrow and I will have my first properly planned Halloween blog post done! I look forward to sharing that with you. And Nov 1 marks my 4th yr Curves Become Her blogging anniversary – good times🙂

For those who celebrate Diwali – I hope you had a wonderful festival of lights. For those awaiting Halloween – have a spooktacular one!


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