Buying someone a beautiful piece of jewellery as a gift can be the perfect gesture; whatever the reason for you wanting to choose that perfect gift though, the jewellery market can be a confusing place. How do you know what to look for? And what’s the difference between larger companies and independent jewellers? Hopefully, today’s quick guide will give you the confidence to answer all these questions.

Sticking with tradition

Fine jewellery is the kind of present given for a special occasion, but it’s also a very traditional gift, and you’d be surprised how many occasions call for a statement piece of jewellery. If you’re one who likes to uphold traditions, then the following list will be one you need to keep in mind:

  • Turning 21: While a girl might appreciate a stunning diamond necklace, a boy might prefer cufflinks, but traditionally, a necklace with a key to symbolize the key to their future house, their coming of age and moving on into adulthood, is always given.
  • Wedding day: there are a lot of options here, as you can get the blushing bride something new or blue (or both) for her special day, but one popular tradition is for either the groom or father-of-the-bride to give pearls to a bride on her wedding day, symbolizing perfection, purity and innocence.
  • Know your anniversaries: there are different materials associated with each year of marriage, but the real milestones like silver (25th), pearl (30th), ruby (40th) and gold (50th), all provide great excuses for a beautiful gift

How to add a personal touch

You want your gifts to be as unique to the recipient as possible, so another top tip is to look out for companies like ChloBo, who allow you to buy different styles, colours and textures, so that you can build an iconic look that’s totally individual to whoever you buy for.

For example, if you’re looking for something elegant, the selection of silver charm bracelets from ChloBo are timeless pieces, but they allow you to add charms that will identify with the person you’re giving it to. Always look for ways to add that personal touch.

Who to buy from

You’d be surprised how many online businesses there are out there that can provide you with quality, handcrafted items – you just have to know what to look for! For example, you’ll find many artisans on sites like Etsy, where independent jewellers will post some of their key pieces. However, not all of these will be great quality; you should always check reviews as well as look to see if they have a website outside of Etsy.

You should also conduct separate online searches for the kind of jewellery you’re looking for, and compare them to the top-listed sites. Of course, you’re bound to hear about the larger corporations who have chains on every high street, and if you’d like to read more about how to assess the quality of handmade jewellery, click here.

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