In the words of Britney Spears..."Oops I did it again."  Yes I did it again, failed to post a link up on Friday. No #UntamedStyle Link Up and no outfit to share either. Lately my work outfits haven't been anything special or even cute.  When the weather is 90+ degrees in the fall what do you even wear.  I don't want to still be wearing summer clothes.  Mother Nature is messing with my style mojo and it's affecting my mood.  
OK maybe I am being a bit dramatic, but when you wake up to chilly mornings and then its scorching hot by lunch time.  This really messes with my wardrobe choices.  If I wear sandals, my feet will be cold all morning long.  If I wear boots by lunch time my feet are sweaty, wanting to be released and set free. Sweaters are great in the morning, by lunch time I want to rip it off and just wear a t-shirt!  Yes I know you are thinking, Hello Veronica just wear layers? Layers are great and essential part of dressing for the fall, especially in California.  However sometimes I really don't want to worry about transitioning my clothing all day long because of the weather.  Do you feel me?  I just want to get dressed in the morning in what ever is weather appropriate and remain in the same outfit all day long! The struggle is real people...Ok enough ranting about my fall style woes.  I am sure some of you east coast readers are probably rolling your eyes at me.  LOL 
Today lets break the rules on this link up.  Yes technically its Saturday, but hey this my blog and I do what I want!  Right!!!  Today instead of sharing my outfit I will feature my 5 favorite links from last week, which is something I do any way.  I do love seeing everyones outfits and get inspired every week to continue blogging, you give me great ideas for outfits! 
Here are 5 of my favorite looks from last weeks linkup.  
This is Rachel from Rachel the Hat.  I love this look, its speaks to me with the long floral dress and a bit of edge by adding the leather jacket.  She added the chocker and fringe bag, this outfit is made in boho chic heaven!  I can totally recreate this look with items in my closet.  Thanks Rachel for linking up and giving me style inspiration!
Anna Shirley from The Glam Adventure is wearing a very California fall appropriate outfit.  A shirt dress with bare legs is so doable for fall here. I love the print and colors of her dress, those shoes are pretty fab too.  Yes it may be late October, but you can still wear dresses with bare legs and sandals in California.  
Sheela from Sheela Writes is always one of my favorites. Each week I look forward to seeing her outfits on the linkup.  This outfit is totally fabulous and also just right for California fall weather. It gets a bit chilly in the morning and evenings, wearing a light bomber type jacket with a dress is perfect. You can still wear bare legs, but just in case wear booties to keep your feet warm.  Oh Sheela how I wish to find and recreate this outfit in plus size. Thanks you for always sharing fabulous looks and giving so much style inspiration as well!
Chichi from The Style Tune understands my struggles. She shares how to wear velvet when the weather is still warm! Velvet is such a beautiful fabric and really trending for fall. It's great for colder climates, but you can still rock it when its warm like Chichi did.  I love the color of her shirt dress, so rich and vibrant and those silvery shoes....amazing!! Another great style inspiration on how to dress for those warm fall days.  I guess I am not the only one having this style struggle! :)
Joi from In My Joi, is also a So. California girl and shares my fall fashion struggles. I think she figured out a good mix of fall and warm weather style. She looks fabulous in her cute sweater and pretty skirt. Can we take a moment to ooh and ahh at those sparkly shoes!! 
Many of you have full-time jobs and families to take of, yet some how manage to blog regularly. Please share your tips and trick to maintaining your blogging, while still managing your daily lives.  I haven't be able to get a grasp of doing both successfully.  Can we say #EpicFail! 
Are you ready to link up!  Go ahead leave your link and share your tips in the comments. Thank you for joining me every week on this blog adventure! 
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