It’s HEEEEEEERE!!! October, Season of the witch, home to Hallowe’en and pumpkin spice everything is HERE! I’m so dang happy and so pumped on all the rad plus size Halloween gear I’ve found already that I needed to share it with you ASAP!

If you’re anything like me, now is the time to STOCK up on skulls, ghosts, bone print, witch puns and anything to do with SPOOPY TIME! I’m not gonna prattle on and on, we all get it, we’re all into Hallowe’en so here’s your quick one stop to the best stuff for your plus size bod to rock the holiday { and year round! }

I had planned for this to be just one post, but I started peeking around and realised this will have to be a series of 2 – 3 posts! I’m gonna start with one dedicated to just ASOS, since they bring it every Hallowe’en!

ASOS Plus Size Halloween

This would make one HELL of a Plus Size Halloween Haul! 

Which items are your favs? I’m all over the mummy sleep tee, the men’s sweaters { they go up to a XXXL }, the onsie, those wicked witch booties and def the “stay creepy” loafers!

Who am I kidding?! If I had the budget, it’d all be mine!

Keep your peepers peeled for the next one, it should be up later today or tomorrow!

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Plus Size Halloween Shopping

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