Fall is here, and its time to refresh your wardrobe with new jeans from Mark’s, the #1 jeans retailer in Canada. Mark’s has rebranded themselves over the years and I am genuinely pleased to see them making room for their plus size customers. I set out on a bit of a hike to pick up these jeans but I left with a bag full of clothing I couldn’t be more excited to wear. 





Mark’s has a wide variety of jeans for men and women including brands like: Silver, Buffalo, and Levi’s. I had never been around so many high end, quality jeans before and eventually settled on the Mia mid-rise jeans. I don’t typically wear mid-rise jeans, actually I don’t think I’ve worn anything but high-rise jeans since the early 00s. I wasn’t too sure how much I’d like them until I tried them on and boy, oh boy was I happy that I did! I spent a solid 20 minutes just staring at my butt in the mirror and admiring them on me. I’ve gotta hand it to Mark’s for being able to make me feel this good in something as simple as jeans. What really sold me on the Mia jeans was the stretch. They are so incredibly comfortable that I could see myself wearing them for hours.  One of the main reasons I strayed from jeans to begin with was because of how uncomfortable they can become. We all know that feeling after being in a pair of tight, ill fitting jeans for a few hours. Nothing feels better then unbuttoning and ripping them off! I don’t see that happening at all with these bad boys, they fit so well and feel so good on. I would absolutely love to see more skinny jeans from Mark, and I’m hopeful they’ll continue to expand their collection!

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