I can still remember how I felt when I found I had to wear glasses. It might sound dramatic, but I cried and I didn’t stop for hours. Nobody wanted to be called “four eyes” back then! Who knew that much later on in life it would turn into one of my favourite ways to accessories. I have been actively collecting glasses for years now and there’s no stopping in sight. Its my goal to have a pair to match every single occasion. So, when GlassesShop.com asked me to review a pair, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

Glasses have certainly come a long way from the standard, boring pairs you’d find at any old optical shop. Now there’s a huge, online world to pick from and so many cute, trendy options. They given offer prescription sunglasses, too! That was the very first thing I looked for when I browsed the selection on GlassesShop.com and I wasn’t disappointed. I immediately gravitated towards the Virgo Wayfarers, and fell in love with the detailing along the temples. The hard part was settling on a colour but I eventually picked brown.

Its always a little worrisome and nerve wracking to try out a new store for prescription frames. I’ve had many a situation before where my prescription just wasn’t quite right and it left me feeling dizzy and unwell. I’m happy to report that there was no dizziness, but I did experience minor discomfort breaking in the new frames. It might just be me, though as I experience this with every single pair of new glasses I wear.

The first pair of frames I ever purchases cost me roughly $200 and that was pretty standard back then. It was unheard of to get anything cheaper than that, but nowadays things are totally different. I love that GlassesShop offers so many on trend glasses for affordable prices. I’m talking $20-$30 a pair. Although I did not pair for this pair myself, I could absolutely see myself grabbing one or two more for the price alone.

Now, lets talk about the really important stuff. Are they quality glasses? At first I wasn’t sure how much I’d like them because I was misguided by the cheap, plastic case they arrived in. However, I’m happy to report thats the only cheap thing about them. I would actually call these one of the best pairs of glasses I own. They sit firmly on my face, but don’t snug too tightly and they feel strong. Like, fall on the floor and still be ok tough. I’m extremely pleased with the quality of these glasses.

All in all, I’d rate these babies a 9/10. I deducted one point only because they looked a tiny but more cat eye online but nothing too distract. If you looking for affordable, trendy glasses I would highly suggest checking out GlassesShop.com.

GlassesShop.com has kindly given my readers a coupon for 50% off their purchase. Use the code “GSHOT50” to claim your discount!